Holidays in Portugal in September: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in September in Portugal

Holidays in Portugal in September

Holidays in Portugal in September

The arrival of autumn does not mean the end oftourist season in the Western European states. Temperatures slowly fall down, the sun was hot not so much, favorable conditions for the rest of elderly and families with children.

Historical and cultural heritage appear inall the richness of the tourists who choose to vacation in Portugal in September. For example, Lisbon will surprise a giant statue of Christ and the impressive castle of St. George, will delight the performance of dolphins in the zoo will delight a large number of artifacts kept in local museums.

Weather in Portugal in September

The first month of autumn gradually comes into its ownlaw, fortunately, the air temperature is quite comfortable and stay on the beach for long walks through the old city streets. In the capital of Portugal, the average day about +26 ° C, night +17 ° C, resorts Funchal and Braga will delight temperature +24 ° C, the hottest Coimbra here to +27 ° C.

Statue of Christ

This place has long been a cult for manyPortuguese, visitors to the city come here to admire the amazing beauty of the statue, set on a high pedestal. In addition, from the foot of the monument, from the south bank, opened the most wonderful views of the city. Christ statue is a replica of the famous monument of the Brazilian and below it is only 10 meters, and the bridge connecting the shore of the River Tagus, is very similar to the Golden Gate in San Francisco.

This wine festival

Where else but in Portugal, Madeira Island, notparticipate in the Wine Festival. The main celebrations take place in the beginning of September, the locals enjoyed the end of agricultural work, and visit the island in a hurry to try the delicious local wines. In remote villages, if you're lucky tourist, he will be able to take part in the preparation of a divine drink, which has an amber color, flavors of caramel and nuts.

Discover America

While vacationing in Portugal in September, you can makelot of amazing discoveries with the famous navigators. For example, to go to Porto Santo island and take part in the Festival of Columbus. This great man once lived in the archipelago of Madeira 9 years, it was here he hatched plans to travel to India. Today, tourists from all over gather to pay tribute to the discoverer of America, held fairs, exhibitions, concerts.

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  • Holidays in Portugal in September
  • Holidays in Portugal in September

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