Vacations in Portugal with children - photos, spas

Vacations in Portugal with children

Vacations in Portugal with children

The westernmost in the Old World, Portugalunfair and needlessly neglected by large tourist fraternity. It has everything for a decent holiday or vacation: white sand beaches, and ocean wave, worthy of skilled surfers, national parks with rare birds and entertainment - from popular attractions. Great vacation in Portugal with children provide hospitable locals and the menu seaside restaurants mothers at the request of children have to repeat at home until the next trip to the winds and bright sun.

"For" or "Against"?

In favor of Portugal's choice for families with childrenevidenced by the numerous reviews of the lucky ones have already been there. Prices for hotels and entertainment resorts it is much nicer to other European, the people less, menus in restaurants is much healthier and more luxurious ocean views. But do not forget that in these latitudes of the Atlantic does not spoil excessive heat and even in high season the water temperature in the ocean does not exceed 23 degrees. Strong winds are frequent in the Portuguese beaches. They are, together with the possibility of pleasant freshness burn in the sun for a few minutes, but because the funds with the highest protection factor should be the parents is always ready.

Passwords turnout addresses

  • The most "baby" sitting area in Portugal -Algarve is in the southern part of the country. More than twenty kilometers of clean sandy beaches here stretch along the strip of ocean surf. Hotels in this part of the resort in Portugal there including family, where there is a children's recreation centers, special menus and entertainment complexes. Log into the water on the beaches of the Algarve quite flat, but sometimes there are high waves, so it is important to follow the warnings coastal rescue service.
  • A great place for a holiday in Portugal with children -Villamoura the town with water park Big One in the vicinity. Besides the traditional attractions, children can enjoy in this oasis of entertainment communication with The young-kids and watch the behavior of crocodiles on a special show.
  • Pink flamingos inhabit the lagoon Ria Formosanear the town of Faro. The main vehicle for this national park - boat, and photos taken in their natural habitat beautiful birds are able to decorate the family album worthy of the rest.


  • Vacations in Portugal with children
  • Vacations in Portugal with children

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