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Traditional cuisine Qatar

Traditional cuisine Qatar

Dining in Qatar it is characterized by the fact that here everyone can find food for every taste - in the country are open places, which are present in the menu, European dishes and other cuisines.

Food in Qatar

Foreign tourists hardly familiar withQatari real kitchen, because due to the hard deficit of food resources, local residents for a long time preparing meals ascetic, which is based on only 3 of the product - camel milk, oil and dates.
On the Qatari cuisine influenced by gastronomic traditions of North Africa, Iran and India.
The Qatari diet contained vegetables,fruit, spices (onion, olives, black and red pepper, garlic, aromatic herbs), beans, rice, fish (tuna, grouper), seafood (shrimp, lobster, crab).
Meat - a scarce product, but the meat dishes can be enjoyed when visiting restaurants and a trip to the desert in Bedouin tents.
Qatar should eat rice, wrapped ingrape leaves ( "Barak enab"); dish of rice, chicken or lamb, seasoned with spicy spices ( "biryani"); stew of meat, seafood and rice ( "mahbus"); roasted lamb, cooked on a spit ( "gyuzi").
A sweet tooth must try the bread pudding(It is made from puff pastry slices, almonds and raisins, after which the mass is filled with milk and baked), mahalyabiyu (dessert made of starch, milk, floral water, cinnamon and pistachio), Arabic Cheesecake (cheesecake cake decorated with cream or cream).
As a rule, for breakfast in Qatar serves lightsnacks (olives, cheese, yogurt, coffee), at lunch - many snacks (salads, boiled vegetables) and main course (fish or meat stew) with Arab cakes and for dinner - again snacks.

Where to eat in Qatar?

At your service:
- Pakistani, Indian, Thai, Chinese restaurants and cafes, offering its guests enjoy the corresponding kitchens;
- Snack bars and fast food places.

Drinks in Qatar

Qatari popular drinks are fruitjuices, fruit and herbal cocktails, camel milk, coffee with cardamom, Turkish coffee, Kahwa Hel (sweet infusion of cardamom and saffron bright orange color).
Liquor locals hardlyuse, and you, as a tourist, will be able to buy them only in establishments licensed to sell alcohol - in expensive restaurants, as well as in restaurants and bars at the larger hotels.

Gastronomic tour in Qatar

As part of a gastronomic tour in Qatar can arrange a barbecue on the shores of the Persian Gulf under the canopy of the beautiful tent.
In addition, you can visit a variety of restaurants with an excellent selection of dishes.
On vacation in Qatar you will be able to meetrich historical past on excursions, relax in the hookah bars, visit the oriental bazaars, safari tour in the desert Khor Al Udeid, taste national dishes.

Photos of Qatar national dishes

  • Traditional cuisine Qatar
  • Traditional cuisine Qatar

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