Currency in Romania: the exchange, importation, money. What is the currency in Romania?

Currency in Romania

Currency in Romania

Romania - one of the few countries in the Europeancontinent, which is not included in the European Union. Accordingly, the money in Romania remain, as before, the national. About what kind of currency in Romania, and briefly describe.

From the history of the Romanian money

The primary means of payment in Romania isMDL, which is equal to 100 baths. Currency of this relatively young, it was introduced in 1867. However, it was only a full 23 years, when the country finally They stopped officially go French francs. Three times the money Romania exchanged as a result of the reforms, the latest of which was conducted in 2005.
To date, the country in the course of the following notes:

  • 1 leu;
  • 5 lei;
  • 10 lei;
  • 50 lei;
  • 100 lei;
  • 200 lei;
  • 500 lei.

In the back is also a bargaining chip with denominations of 1, 5, 10 and 50 baths.

Customs regulations

Unlike many countries in Europe import currencyRomania does not actually limited. However, an amount exceeding the equivalent of 1 000 euros must be declared and a greater amount of money to take out back will already be impossible. By the way, the money Romania exported outside the customs territory at all is impossible, and import - as much as necessary.

What lucky with a

What currency to take to Romania - is not idlequestion has its motivated. Of course, in this country, as elsewhere in Europe, you can easily exchange dollars or euros for the local currency. To this end, in addition to banks, there are special exchange offices. However, the exchange rate in those places where there are constantly stopped or tourists often greatly overstated.
When exchanging foreign currency at Leu makes sense to keep the receipt - only in this case, when leaving the country, you can change the Romanian guaranteed money back into foreign.
Despite the fact that the country has long been considered to be thecivilized exchange in Romania for foreigners sometimes conjugate into trouble - there are cases of fraud, moreover, even in the very exchange offices.
And in general, not to care about what currencyin Romania, does not suffer from the heat exchangers, it is best to get a credit card. Transportation of her, of course, carried out duty-free and unhindered. Use the "plastic" is no problem - the card in the cities accept payment everywhere sufficiently developed network of ATMs. True to the rural areas, such as in Russia, this is not the case. For a trip to a village (except for the resort areas) is necessary to get local cash.


  • Currency in Romania
  • Currency in Romania

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