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Features Romania

Features Romania

For many tourists Romania will remain in memorythe country's most famous bloodthirsty Count Dracula, brilliant gypsy dresses and pretty humble service. But this is only the outer shell. In fact, national characteristics are manifested in Romania that are stored very strong connection with the culture of ancient traditions, which are manifested in various spheres of life.

Traditional accommodation

Romania is very heterogeneous in terms of architecture. In major cities and resorts can be found the building, constructed in accordance with the latest technologies. While in the province, many continue to live in houses that resemble the dugout, however, have a few rooms. Roofs in such dwellings Croutes reeds, planks or straw. They are quite an interesting sight.

In other regions, widely log houses, for their construction are used:

  • stones (in the best traditions);
  • Adobe;
  • adobe, a mixture of clay and straw.

In the mountainous regions of the house more often two-storey, wood and often decorated with intricate carving and stone - multiple vaults and arches.

Romanian traditional interiors

Brilliance and brightness dominate in the designtraditional dwelling of Romanian citizens, especially those living in remote areas. Any tourist immediately note the presence in the interior of the specific components and accessories, including:

  • iconostasis in the wall instead of the "red corner";
  • homespun track and mats;
  • textiles, decorated with embroidery and lace;
  • national ornaments, decorating furniture and small items.

And all this is done in bright, cheerful colors, using all the available palette - a kind of decoration on the background of reality rather complicated life.

Romanian National costume

The same applies to clothing sewn in the traditionaltemplates and samples. Romanian man clothed in a shirt and pants of bleached canvas vest. In the men's suit was an indispensable element belt, which is made of leather or knitted from woolen thread. It is also a distinctive feature of the Romanian folk costumes were kechule - tall astrakhan hats.

Women's costume includes a long shirt and clothing,resembling a skirt and worn on a belt with ornaments. This is a piece of cloth that is wrapped around the waist, or two pieces of cloth, like aprons (only one dressed in the back). It is very difficult for women headdress - another part of the costume. All this is abundantly decorated with embroidery, lace, national patterns and ornaments.


  • Features Romania
  • Features Romania
  • Features Romania

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