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The traditional cuisine of Romania

The traditional cuisine of Romania

Power in Romania is characterized by the fact that the national dishes are simple, hearty, varied and delicious.

Food in Romania

On the Romanian cuisine influenced cookingtradition Slavic and Ugric peoples, but, nevertheless, it is very original (it is quite acute, because the local food generously flavored with spices and seasonings). The diet consists of Romanians vegetables, maize, legumes, meat, fish, cereals, soups.

On the second Romanians like to cook dishes of pork: it stewed, roasted, baked in the oven, pour hot sauce, made from her puddings and snacks. No less popular dish on the table Romanians - hominy. In this porridge of cornmeal before use is accepted to add the sour cream and sprinkle with cheese.

In Romania should try to Romanian stuffed cabbage(Sarmale); Romanian soup based on beef broth or chicken giblets (Ciorba); hominy, fried in cream sauce with cheese and bacon (bulz); Steak (friptura); spicy sausage (mici); patties with cheese filling (langosi); beef stew with vegetables ( "güveç"); Black Sea sturgeon, roasted on the grill (nisetru la gratar).

Sweet tooth is pampered baked fruit, baklava, Turkish delight, cakes with fruit fillings, muffins, cakes and rolls.

If you want to have breakfast like a true Romaniansyou will be served bagels with butter, eggs and coffee. In cafes or restaurants, as a snack, is to eat pies with cheese or meat, sausages sharp grilled meatballs.

Where to eat in Romania? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants, where you can buy Romanian cuisine;
  • cafes and international restaurants, where you can enjoy French, Italian, Chinese and other cuisines (as a rule, they are located in large cities);
  • fast-food restaurants.

Drink in Romania

Popular Romanian drinks - coffee, beer, wine, tuica (60-degree liqueur made from the fruit of a plum).

Beer - a common beverage in the country: then cook foamy drinks international brands (Heineken, Pilsner, Peroni, Urquell) is under license. To determine whether a local before you drink or imported from abroad - is not difficult: the value of imported beer is much higher.

Gastronomic tour in Romania

As part of a gastronomic tour to Romania, youtake a trip to the Romanian town of Cluj-Napoca, where you can dine with the locals in a traditional Romanian house (cost of a home restaurant food will cost you much cheaper than the usual restaurants of the country).

you will be able to visit on holiday in Romaniavarious festivals (Winter Festival, photography, contemporary art festival), relax in spa resorts, to see the local sights (Tower Kindia, Count Dracula's Castle), enjoy the taste of national dishes and local wines.

Photos national Romanian cuisine

  • The traditional cuisine of Romania
  • The traditional cuisine of Romania
  • The traditional cuisine of Romania

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