Ski resorts in Romania: photos, reviews. Skiing in Romania

Skiing in Romania

Skiing in Romania

Romania has been and remains a kindProvincial outskirts of Europe. There are no trendy shopping centers and attractions of the world scale. But in Romania - the people are very friendly and excellent ski resorts. The prices for skiing, accommodation and other service is quite nice and do not go to any comparison with Austria or Switzerland.
Total in Romania opened nearly two dozen ski resorts, but international recognition, thanks to its technological level and infrastructure received Sinai and Poiana Brasov.

The equipment and lines

Sinai resort is called the pearl of the Carpathians are notaccident: such a beautiful mountain species can not be found even in the Alps. Sinai stretches at the foot of the Piatra Furnica and at an altitude of about two thousand meters above sea level. The difference in height at the resort is not less than a kilometer, and the total length of tracks is 40 kilometers.
The season begins in Sinai in December and comfortableskiing is possible until mid-March. The temperature at this time does not fall below -4 degrees, and the strong wind does not happen, but the sun - in excess. In total, this ski resort is equipped with 10 lifts, Romania, delivering the athletes to the start. Their carrying capacity is 1800 people, and because there are no queues. Trails in Sinai are laid in the coniferous forest and the plains. They were marking the most suited to different categories of athletes: there are "black" slopes for professionals and "green" for beginners.
Poiana Brasov - more modern andoffers not only skiing, but also horseback riding, sled, cross-country skiing. For fans of the ski slopes of the mountains it is equipped with 14 kilometers of trails, a third of which is intended for beginners. Snow cannons guarantee a steady snow cover all riding time, and comfortable hotel offers guests spa services, excellent cuisine and comfort of home and comfort.

Activities and excursions

From Sinai resort guests are sent on tripsPeles palace, located nearby. Architectural offers visitors a unique collection of paintings, a collection of antique mirrors and arms and walks in the park, is an outstanding example of landscape gardening art. Sinai monastery of the XVI century - is another local attraction.
Very near to the resort of Poiana Brasov in the mountainsis the legendary Bran Castle, where, according to legend, appeared Count Dracula. Excursion to the city of Brasov offers organ concerts and familiarity with medieval architectural landmarks.

Photos of Romania ski resorts

  • Skiing in Romania
  • Skiing in Romania
  • Skiing in Romania

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