Kazan 2 days: where to go in Kazan

Kazan 2 days

Kazan 2 days

The capital of the Republic of Tatarstan is known by manysights, but because it tends to see an increasing number of tourists every year. City is the official title of "third capital" of the country, and recently celebrated its millennium. See Kazan 2 days and visit the most important city sites - quite a feasible task for an active and dedicated traveler.

Bute Kremlin Clock ...

The words of the famous song in full can be attributed not only to the capital. Kazan has a Spasskaya tower, which is crowned by the local Kremlin and serves as its main gate travel.
Construction began in the Kazan Kremlin Xcentury, when it began to carry out the role of defensive fortress for the Bulgarian tribes. Today it is a world-famous architectural monument, protected not only by the state but also by UNESCO. On the territory of the Kremlin restored and carefully preserved many objects of the world cultural values.
Once in Kazan on 2 days, well worth a visit and see:

  • Syuyumbike Tower, the first mention of whichreferred to 1777. Patrol fortress tower is tilted and part of the small list of installations falling on the planet. Today, its steeple dismissed from the vertical axis by almost two meters. The tower's name is accompanied by a beautiful legend, that is sure to tell any resident of Kazan.
  • The Annunciation Cathedral of the Kremlin, built in the middle of the XVI century. The magnificent structure came to light thanks to the decree of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. For several centuries the temple has the status of a cathedral.
  • Kul-Sharif Mosque, built in the beginning of the XXI centurywhich became the main Juma Mosque. Kul-Sharif - is recreated mosque, adorned once the capital of the Kazan Khanate, and serves not only as a religious object, but also a center of science. The height of the minarets of the monument of architecture of almost 60 meters, and at the same time under the roof of the mosque and its area can pray more than ten thousand believers.

For everyone

Kazan has the status of a multi-ethnic city,which perfectly combines the most different traditions of culture and art. If the visit to Kazan on 2 days coincided with the timing of one of its famous festivals, music concerts can be visited or seen news of the national cinema.
The city is welcoming its ninetheaters, three of which proudly bear the title of academic. For fans of quiet museum halls Kazan 2 days - it is more than thirty permanent exhibitions on a variety of topics.


  • Kazan 2 days
  • Kazan 2 days

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