Rest in Kazan - photos. Summer holidays in Kazan 2015

Rest in Kazan

Rest in Kazan

Rest in Kazan will allow its guests to learn about the history of this city, try the national Tatar cuisine, find entertainment for all tastes.

The main types of recreation in Kazan

  • Sightseeing: with the tour, you will see the Kul Sharif mosque, Peter and Paul Cathedral, Kazan Kremlin, Syuyumbike tower, Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, an icon of Kazan Mother of God in the Holy Cross Church. Sightseeing tours include a walk through the historic center of the city - here you will meet the Academy of Sciences, the fountains, the coach of Catherine II (bronze copy), Chaliapin monument. For nature lovers in Kazan organized a tour of the Blue Lake, the water that never freezes (while you walk to go to the pond, you will be able to enjoy the local scenery).
  • Beach: everyone can relax on the Central beach (river Kazanka) - Rescuers are working here, and next to it are open-air cafes and stalls where you can get refreshments. And you can go to a paid white-sand beach, "Riviera", lounge chairs, cabanas, heated swimming pools, a water park, cafe, barbecue, playground for a game of beach volleyball and football.
  • Active: active time you succeed, visit the ski resort (ski season lasts from December to March), as well as playing golf (the length of the golf season - from May to October) ilikatayas on horseback.
  • Event: in June, is to come on holiday "Sabantui" in April - Music Festival "Europe-Asia", in February - International Festival named after Shalyapin opera.
  • Wellness: because a few kilometers from Kazan are sanatoriums and health camps, surrounded by deciduous and pine forests, it is advisable to come here for recuperation and health.

Level on Tours to Kazan prices

Kazan - a year-round resort, but when you visit the capital of Tatarstan in May, the summer months and September should be prepared for the fact that the cost of permits will increase by approximately 25-50%.

On a note!

If you are thinking in Kazan in the summer, bring your sunglasses and a cream, a hat, comfortable shoes, warm clothes for an evening stroll through the city, as well as an umbrella or raincoat in case of rain.

When planning a photo and video, keep in mind that almost all facilities for visiting this charge extra.

You can bring holiday decorations With Kazan ofgold and silver, furs, national clothes or boots made of bright colored leather skullcap, painted crockery made of wood, decorative panels, souvenir Quran.

Photos holiday in Kazan

  • Rest in Kazan
  • Rest in Kazan
  • Rest in Kazan

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