Sight Suzdal area. List of the best viewing points in Suzdal

Viewpoints Suzdal

Viewpoints Suzdal

The perpetrators of the rise to the observation deck of Suzdalcan be seen from a different angle than 200 preserved monuments, shopping areas, museum of wooden architecture, suburb Skuchiliha, churches and other Zarechnoj hand.

Belfry monastery Rizopolozhensky

From the observation platform (located below groundfor the bell-ringer; is one of the best in the city), the bell tower (its height with a spire - 72 meters) visitors can see the whole of Suzdal (access to the site re-opened from the middle of 2014). Tip: During the tour of the monastery it is recommended to inspect part of the surviving Sretensky Refectory.

for the entrance to the monastery is no charge, but forclimb to the site for viewing on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will be charged at a rate of 100 rubles ( "on duty" near the bell tower man handing leaflets to visitors, of which this building to learn more). In other days to get to the bell tower, you should ask for a blessing on her visit to the Abbess.

Address: Lenin street, 77

Bell Tower Church of the Resurrection

From the bell tower, serving as overviewgrounds, guests will be able to enjoy the views, opening onto townsmen and shopping area in an unusual perspective (despite the fact that the rise is quite steep, seen a spectacle you will not be disappointed). So you could make a free ascent to the bell tower, you need to go to the temple (here you will see walls decorated with adhesive painting of the late 19th century, and on poles - fragments of paintings of the 18th century) and make a small donation in the amount of 50 rubles.

How to get there? Before the stop "Trade area" next bus number 3, 6, 2 (Address: Lenin street, 63b).

The bell tower of the monastery of Vasilyevsky

With this bell tower, which can be accessed for a nominal fee, making a donation, you can admire the panorama of Suzdal. Location: Located at the intersection of Sadovaya Street and Vasilievskaya

Other viewing platforms

  • The observation deck at the Monastery of St. Euthymius(Located on the high bank of the Kamenka, her visit is included in almost all the tours of Suzdal): here will be able to admire the river Kamenka, opening views of the Pokrovsky monastery, and other objects.
  • The observation deck on the ring road (henceSuzdal visible from the meadows Ilyin) in spite of the fact that tourists do not often carry on this place here is worth visiting to enjoy the views of the surrounding area, in particular temples Ilyin meadows.
  • Kremlin shafts (travel on any transport is prohibited): walking on this kind of long observation deck, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of Suzdal.

And if you want you can go to "walk" in a helicopter over the Suzdal.


  • Viewpoints Suzdal
  • Viewpoints Suzdal
  • Viewpoints Suzdal

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