How to fly from Ufa to Moscow? Flight time Ufa - Moscow

How to fly from Ufa to Moscow?

How to fly from Ufa to Moscow?

In Ufa, you could see the monument to SalavatYulaev, visit the Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Aksakov House-Museum, Victory Park, to spend time with the kids in the park Kashkadan (famous for a variety of rides and carousels), have fun in the entertainment complex "Magic Ball", ice skating at the local Ice Palace? But the holiday is over and you want to know how many hours will take your return to Moscow?

How to fly from Ufa to Moscow on a direct flight?

The distance of 1200 km, separatingRussia and Bashkiria's capital, you will be able to 2 hours. So, using the services of "Yamal" and "Aeroflot" you will land in Moscow 2 hours 05 minutes, "Utair" - 1 hour 45 minutes.

For ticket Ufa-Moscow you pay 3800-7100 rubles (expect to acquire profitable at a price you can flight in November, March and April).

Ufa Flight to Moscow with change

If you are going to do the transplant, it should be borne in mind,that the connections in this direction, as a rule, take place in Surgut, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and other cities (such flights lasting 6-14 hours).

Getting to the capital of Russia through Saint Petersburg( "STC Russia", "Aeroflot"), your air travel will last more than 5 hours, and if in Istanbul ( "Turkish Airlines"), a little more than 8 hours (during the flight you will have to spend about 7 hours, and waiting - 1 hour ).

Select airline

Fly to Moscow from Ufa you can,using the following airlines service (you will fly on the ATR 72, W 204, the Embraer 120, Let L410, AN 148-100ili another plane): "Red Wings"; "Aeroflot"; "Vim Airlines"; "Utair"; "S7".

For service flights Ufa-Moscow respondsUFA airport (before him ride taxis, buses number 110 and 110 C), which is remote from the town center is 25 km away. It will be able to look into the souvenir shops and duty-free shop, satisfy your hunger in one of the institutions of power, a break in the mother and child room, to visit Bashkortostan Aviation Museum (here you will see the aircraft models, many of which hand-made), luggage storage chamber and children - fun in the kids corner. And if you need to get help, do not worry - airport employees know not only the Bashkir and Russian language, but English (the same applies to the audio and visual information).

What to do in an airplane?

To upon arrival home frantically not to think,what and to whom to give, during flight it makes sense to decide whom to please bought Ufa gifts in the form of Bashkir honey, homespun rugs, fur and leather, silver jewelry, dried goose, original souvenirs made of wood, salves "Kapova cave", " Agidel "," Arsky stone "(tincture on medicinal herbs, berries and fruits with honey and propolis), knitwear.


  • How to fly from Ufa to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Ufa to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Ufa to Moscow?

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