Children's camps in Yekaterinburg in the summer. Children's camps in Yekaterinburg in 2015

Children's camps in Yekaterinburg

Children's camps in Yekaterinburg

Choosing children's camp - a serious matter. Resting, the child should not only have fun, but also to develop. Children's camps in Yekaterinburg give the opportunity to relax with use. The guys have all chances for self-realization. In the camps, children spend a lot of time in the open air, high-grade feed, observe mode. In addition, for children of all ages there are different leisure programs.

How to choose a camp in Yekaterinburg

In recent years, most parents trysend children to rest outside the area. However, in the territory of Ekaterinburg child can have a good vacation. For active children have a lot of camps that offer hiking, traveling and role-playing games. Activities may include tours, horse riding, cycling, sports activities, etc. Each camp has the following main features.:

  • recreation,
  • educational,
  • educational,
  • wellness.

Selection of vouchers depends on the financialopportunities parents. The average cost of the children's tour ranges from 10-15 thousand, if we are talking about a camp. To go to the "Artek" or VDTS "Eaglet", will have to spend more - from 50 thousand rubles. This price includes accommodation, program diet. Camp with excellent infrastructure and a high level of service more expensive. Selecting a ticket to the camp, pay attention to the cost of one day stay.

To spend less of their own funds,parents can use the public benefit. To do this, we must first find out what the family can rely on benefits. Sometimes part of the cost of the vouchers paid by the company in which the parent works. In some cases, the camps themselves do discounts on their tickets. Gifted children get benefits if win in any competition.

As organized holiday camps

Children's camps in Yekaterinburg providequality holiday. Usually they invite children from 7 to 16 years. Babies are all conditions for the manifestation of their abilities. In the camps, there are clubs and clubs that match the needs of the children. The facilities typically operate governments. Norms of behavior, relationships and communication is adjusted by experienced teachers and counselors. They organize collective creative work, trying to interest children. Teachers are working on to the plan, involving each child to the collective affairs. Much attention is paid to the games, because children love to play. There are plenty of outdoor games and relaxing pastimes that are practiced in the camps.

Photos of children's camps in Yekaterinburg

  • Children's camps in Yekaterinburg

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