Children's camps in Belgorod for the summer. Children's camps in Belgorod 2015

Children's camps in Belgorod

Children's camps in Belgorod

Belgorod is located in the south of the Centralhill, near the Seversky Donets River. From Moscow city removed at 700 km, and from Ukraine - up to 40 km. Tourism Belgorod developed very well, as the town has a long history. This city is the administrative center of Belgorod Region. He first was awarded the title "City of Military Glory" and several times took 1st place in the livability and purity among Russian cities. Today he is regarded as the cultural, scientific, spiritual and economic center of Central Black Earth region of Russia. Sphere of children's leisure and tourism is under the scrutiny of the authorities. The budget allocates funds for infrastructure development of health centers.

What camp are in the city

Children's camps in Belgorod divided intosports and fitness and specialized. Recent cover a variety of topics: art, science, sports and languages. Near the town are functioning labor camps and equestrian. Programs are composed of institutions so that children participate in sporting events of interest. For students working profile and training camps. They are created for children who want to acquire new knowledge in certain areas.

On the basis of the Belgorod schools, organizations andenterprises are labor camps. Such organizations need to be unskilled or seasonal work. Children in their work with a maximum of 4 hours a day, and then for them to carry out cultural and entertainment events. Tours in labor camps are usually free. Parents pay only for baby food. In Belgorod there are religious camps. Detailed information about them can be taken in the nearest church.

Program children's camps

If you want your child attendsTourism program, please refer to the tour operator. Camps and recreation centers Belgorod offer a variety of adventure programs and excursions for children. The program may include a visit to the National Park, a visit to the museum, a trip to the archaeological sites and others.

Choosing a start, consider the cost. Excursions are not included in the compulsory program of the camp. For them to be paid separately. Children's camps in Belgorod often provide bonuses and discounts. If you are going to buy a ticket, ask if you can count on them. Children's institutions pay special attention to the additional services, programs, promotions and tours. Before the trip, the child in a camp, parents can get a complete list of recreational activities that will take place there.

Photos of children's camps in Belgorod

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