How to fly from Penza to Moscow? Time of flight Penza - Moscow

How to fly from Penza to Moscow?

How to fly from Penza to Moscow?

On vacation in Penza, you could walk along thewaterfront Sura and Botanical Gardens, see the Church of St. Mitrofan, Trinity Monastery, the Governor's House and the Obelisk of Glory "Rostock", visit the Museum one painting and Art Gallery named after Savitsky, ride a ferris wheel in the Belinsky park, spend time in the paintball club "Adrenaline" "Sparta" and "Pentagon" as well as in entertainment establishments "Hollywood", "Rush" and "Amsterdam"? And now you have to go back to Moscow?

How to fly from Penza to Moscow a direct flight?

Having overcome the distance of 560 km, will you be in flight 1-1.5 hours. "Rus Line" will take you to the house for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the airline "Utair" Your flight will last 1 hour and 40 minutes.

On average, cheap Penza-Moscow you can get for 6100 rubles, but if you plan to fly home in the spring, then your cost of the ticket can be only 2200 rubles.

Connection Flight Penza-Moscow

In Moscow, you can fly with a stopover in Kazan,Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Murmansk and Rostov-on-Don. If the flight home, shifting her to another airliner in Nizhny Novgorod ( "Dexter", "Utair"), you will spend on the road 21 hours (between trips you can rest 17.5 hours), Sochi ( "Saratov airlines", "Orenburg airlines ") - 7 hours in Kazan (" Dexter ", S7 airlines") - more than 6 hours (passengers spend in flight about 3 hours), in Rostov-on-Don ( "RusLine", "Transaero") - more than 9 hours (before make 2 flight, you will be able to rest for 4.5 hours).

Selection of an air carrier

Home You fly so far to Aerospatiale ATR 72, PilatusPC 12, Bombardier CRJ 100/200, or any other airliner, located in the property of one of the following carriers: "Aeroflot"; "Utair"; "Rus Line"; "Vim Avia".

From Penza to Moscow offers to fly fromTernivka Airport (PEZ) - it is removed at 9 km from the city (you can overcome this distance on the bus number 7 bus number 66 or 30 bus number 10a). Here travelers will be able, if necessary, seek help from the medical center, to stay in the waiting room, to go to the room for hanging mums with kids, go shopping retailers, to get rid of a heavy burden, placing bags in the compartment for storing luggage, a snack in the café, withdraw cash from an ATM.

What to do on board?

During a trip worth considering who givesouvenirs bought in Penza, a Abashevo toys, Nikolsky crystal (vases, dishes, crystal sculpture), chocolates "Penza" and "Tarkhany" tincture "The Golden Cockerel", a beer brewed in the factory, "Samko" figurines monument to pioneers , products from birch bark.


  • How to fly from Penza to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Penza to Moscow?

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