Excursions in Penza. Sightseeing tours in Penza

Excursions in Penza

Excursions in Penza

Penza - a city with a rich historical andliterary past. In the 19th century. it is often called the "New Athens" because in this city we had a manor almost all well-known in Russia nobles. What is so attracted to them the city, situated on the banks of the Sura and Penza. The city is very green, the forest can be reached from every corner of it in just a quarter of an hour. It is also called the city, which is situated on seven hills. And this is indeed the case. Panorama of the city with a great offer ferris wheel that V.Belinskogo park, so you can see for themselves the veracity of the name. Excursions in Penza for tourists and visitors are organized in large numbers to visitors as possible to get acquainted with the city. You can go on excursions to the temples and churches, and see historic buildings, such as the passage of Meat, or visit the Philharmonic Theatre, explore the exposure of numerous museums.

What to look for first in Penza?

With the Penza edge linked the fate of more than 300writers. The provincial office served N.Ogarev poet, and in the Penza Exchequer - Saltykov-Shchedrin, in the Nobility were often P.Vyazemsky and D.Davydov, this city is not just Mayakovsky visited and performed his poems. Here is the patrimony grandmother Lermontov. Now this reserve "Tarkhany", where in July held the All-Russian festival dedicated to the poet. Here rests Lermontov and dust left over from Pyatigorsk at the insistence of his grandmother in 1842.

In the village of Upper Ablyazov was familyRadishchevs patrimony. The first years of life, the future writer lived here, also came here after the Siberian exile. Now here is a museum. From Penza province come and Alexander Kuprin. In Narovchatov open house-museum named after him and a monument to the famous countryman. In Penza province lived and Nikolai Leskov, Ivan Krylov, Anatoly Mariengof and many others. others.

In these places honored the memory of his famouscountrymen, they found a lot of monuments, their names given to streets and squares. So if you make a tour in Penza, you can learn a lot of unknown stories of the city.

If you are traveling with children, be sure to visit:

  1. Botanical Garden;
  2. Planetarium;
  3. Zoo.

It is worth to visit and near light and music fountain,listen to discourage time cuckoo clock, which is the main street of Moscow. By the historical monuments of the city are houses on this street that were built in the nineteenth century, as well as the monument of the first settlers, a defensive rampart.

In 2015 the city will celebrate its350-year anniversary, but because to this holiday are prepared in advance and many tours provide familiarity with the various exhibitions, expositions, visits to events, which are held for the anniversary.

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  • Excursions in Penza

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