Season in St. Petersburg. When the holiday season in St. Petersburg?

Season in St. Petersburg

Season in St. Petersburg

About sights of the northern capitalIt is known to every Russian citizen. It strives to visit the vast majority of travelers, especially as the season in St. Petersburg - the concept is very conventional, and the city is beautiful at any time of the year.

The weather and nature

The climate can be called Peter, and moderatecontinental and moderate sea. It is due to location of the city on the map and the geographical features of air circulation, the cause of which is a small amount of heat entering the atmosphere. The influx of solar radiation at a latitude of St. Petersburg is much less than in the southern regions, and therefore cloudy and diffused light characterized by absolutely for all seasons.
Late autumn is perhaps the least pleasant seasonSt. Petersburg. At that time, the daylight hours are very short and does not exceed 6-7 hours, and the temperature does not rise above 2 degrees. If you add the high humidity and strong winds dank, then walk around the city on the Neva does not seem comfortable even the hardiest tourists.
Late summer and September, on the contrary, it is quite suitablefor a trip to St. Petersburg. These days the city heat, and thermometer readings are kept at around 20 degrees. In fairness it should be noted that the August - quite rainy month, but no precipitation at the time did not bring special problems, since the warm weather instantly eliminate their consequences.

White Nights

The most amazing and beautiful seasonSt. Petersburg - the time of white nights, occurring in the city in the 20 days of May. This period is characterized by long-day, allowing dusk flow smoothly into the dawn. The reason for this phenomenon is a special angle at which the sun sinks below the horizon.
White Nights period lasts until mid-July, andthis time the city hosts a lot of events and festivals. It opens the white nights of the City Day celebration. participate in the festival "Scarlet Sails" In late June, the graduates of the St. Petersburg school. Musicians spend jazz jam "Swing white night", and athletes arrange badminton international tournament.

Christmas extravaganza

An excellent opportunity to see the northern capital of Russia -New Year's holidays. These days the city hosts numerous Christmas trees for children and performances and concerts - for adults. St. Petersburg becomes like a bright festive postcard. Its streets and squares colored in illumination, and luxuriously decorated Christmas trees creates the perfect mood to all who came to the city of Petra.


  • Season in St. Petersburg
  • Season in St. Petersburg

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