Excursions in St. Petersburg. Sightseeing tours in St. Petersburg

Excursions in St. Petersburg

Excursions in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg - one of the most interesting andwonderful cities of Russia. Most of the tourists, who were lucky enough to be here, say the real pleasure of travel conducted. All excursions in St. Petersburg allow to plunge into the past, enjoy the wonderful architecture and understand how significant place is occupied by St. Petersburg in Russia.

walking tours

First of all, you should find out what reviewtours are offered at historic St. Petersburg. Walk able to be the beginning of love with one of the best cities in Russia. During the walk you will be able to fully enjoy the spirit of the city and enjoy its ambience. Most local companies are offering this opportunity to all tourists. It is important to bear in mind that the price of the tour will start from 1000 rubles per person. You can not only visit the significant places of St. Petersburg, but also learn interesting facts, to understand what is remarkable city. Interesting stories allow you to fully enjoy the closeness with Peter, because he is ready to open different facets.

Special tours

Saint Petersburg - one of the most interesting cities for tourists, because it has many attractions. So, what options are able to present the true interest?

  • Walking along the rivers and canals. "Visiting card" of St. Petersburg recognized rivers and canals, which are familiar with the urban architecture opens in a special way. You can be sure that each water bus or boat that will offer you a high level of comfort. Therefore, you can safely accept the tour proposal. However, the possibility of navigation is only present in a certain period. River walk begins in late April and ends in late October. In this regard, a tour offer is null and void in the winter, when the St. Petersburg looks stern, but it is a true winter Russian city. It is important to note that the most vivid impressions can be obtained in good weather. The duration of the tour is one - one and a half hours.
  • Excursions to the palaces. Saint Petersburg is famous Mariinsky Palace, the Marble Palace, Yusupov Palace and Peterhof. Familiarity with these sights should definitely be included in the excursion program.
  • "Unformatted" tour. You wish to visit unusual places of St. Petersburg? In this case, you can go for a walk on the roofs and abandoned industrial sites, visit the best night clubs in the city. Open the city for himself by these programs!

You want to see how attractive Saint-Petersburg? You will appreciate the city, but it is required to take a few guided tours, differing elaborate program!

Photo excursions in St. Petersburg

  • Excursions in St. Petersburg
  • Excursions in St. Petersburg
  • Excursions in St. Petersburg

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