Viewpoints St. Petersburg area. List of the best viewing points in St. Petersburg

Viewpoints St. Petersburg area

Viewpoints St. Petersburg area

Sometimes visitors do not have time to get around allattractions of the northern capital. In such situations "save" viewing platforms of St. Petersburg - they will see the beauty of the city in no time.

Review of the best viewing points

  • St. Isaac's Cathedral (St. Isaac's Square, 4): admire the Admiralty, the Winter Palace, Vasilevsky Island, dozens of architectural monuments will be possible from the site, located on the 43-meter height, and thanks installed binoculars, hence will be visible and the suburbs (ticket + audio guide will cost 150 rubles, is open for visitors even at night). Not deprived of attention and people with disabilities: they can carry out the rise to the observation platform (located at 5 m below the colonnade), using a special elevator (waiting for them a special 20-minute program).
  • Smolny Cathedral (Rastrelli Square, 1): to climb on a platform 50 meters high, it is necessary to overcome the more than 270 steps (entrance ticket cost 100 rubles for the guests will be held 18-minute sightseeing tour of audio), and recovery will be accompanied by listening to pieces of music of the Baroque period.
  • "Loft Project Floors" (Ligovskiy, 74; entrance - 200 rubles) visited the exhibition, it is recommended to make a climb to a height of 27 m for inspection remarkable facades of architectural monuments.
  • Leader Tower: the business center (at night it becomes a facade multimedia screen that plays an animation), 140 meters high, is located in Constitution Square, 7. He will be pleased by the presence of the guests a panoramic restaurant (40 floor), where you can sample delicious dishes while taking in the views of St. Petersburg.
  • Museum-studio named Bulla (Nevsky Prospect,54; Entrance with photographing will cost 150 rubles): In addition to viewing the works of the famous photographer, offered to go on a viewing balcony which overlooks the avenue where the museum is located, and Sadovaya Street.
  • Azimut Hotel: the role of the observation platform performs Azimut Skybar - with views of some churches, Admiralty Shipyards, old houses and mansions. Address - Lermontovskiy Prospekt 43/1.

Walking the route "Neva Panorama"

Guests will be invited to admire the views,opening of the historic center (the route length - 300 m, the cost of tickets - 250 rubles, students and pensioners, they will cost 200 rubles), walking along one of the walls of the fortress on the comfortable wooden deck, fenced railing (at 12:00 here is visible to the midday ceremony shots). The nearest metro station is Gorky, then one should go in the direction of the fortress.


  • Viewpoints St. Petersburg area
  • Viewpoints St. Petersburg area
  • Viewpoints St. Petersburg area

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