How to fly from Saratov to Moscow? Flight time Saratov - Moscow

How to fly from Saratov to Moscow?

How to fly from Saratov to Moscow?

In Saratov you able to see the Holy Trinity Cathedral,visit Limonar, People Yuri Gagarin's Museum and the Museum of Sports Glory in the Ice Palace "Crystal" paintball club "Sniper", "Paint Republic" and "the Fiesta", spend time in the recreation parks "Limes" and "Lukomorye "Forest Park" kumysnyh Polyana "entertainment complex" Volga "nightclubs" On Air "," Sunstroke "and" Gagarin "? And in the coming days, you're going to go home?

How to fly from Saratov to Moscow (direct flight)?

Having overcome 720 km in flight you will spend about 1.5 hours. Home you can deliver "Saratov Airlines" (the flight lasts 1 hour 20 minutes).

Airfare Saratov-Moscow is about 5700 rubles (summer tickets cost passengers in 8600 rubles).

Connection Flight Saratov-Moscow

Transplant may be committed in Samara,Ulyanovsk, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. With "Saratov Airlines" and "Transaero" (transplantation in St. Petersburg), you get to Moscow for 27 hours (the time allotted for rest between flights, will be 23 hours), with the "Sar Air" and "the S7" (fly through Ekaterinburg ) - 10 hours, with "Saratov airlines" and "Aeroflot" (change in Mineral Waters) - almost 7 hours (if you fly on this route with "Saratov airlines" and "Ural airlines" will appear after 9 hours at home) with "Air Cap" and "Yakutia" (docking city - Sochi) - more than 7 hours, "Saratov airlines" and "Ural airlines" (as the city will perform docking Simferopol) - 10.5 hours, "of Dexter "and" Utair "(change in Nizhny Novgorod) - 8 hours.

Choose a carrier

The following Airlines offer you to board the Cessna 208 Grand, Yak-42, Boeing 737-500, the Embraer 190, Airbus A 320 or other aircraft, "Saratov airlines"; "Dexter"; "Aeroflot"; "Utair".

Go check in Saratov-Moscow youcan at the airport Central (RTW) - It is located 4 km from the city (you can take a minibus number 41, 67, 13, 8, 89, or 108, the bus number 8 or 90). Here you will be offered to stay in the waiting room, have recourse to employee luggage packing service, a snack in a coffee shop express "The coffee-ku", to perform the necessary financial operations at an ATM of the bank "Agroros" to access the Internet via Wi-Fi.

What to do in flight?

The airplane is not superfluous to decide whobestow gifts from Saratov as salted and smoked fish, Saratov Kalach, chocolates produced in the factory "Konfeshn" beer "Bohemia", lacquer miniatures, leather, dolls-amulets.


  • How to fly from Saratov to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Saratov to Moscow?

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