How to fly from Voronezh to Moscow? Flight time Voronezh - Moscow

How to fly from Voronezh to Moscow?

How to fly from Voronezh to Moscow?

On holiday in Voronezh you can see the layoutship Mercury, visit the Museum of forgotten music, Alekseev-Akatova monastery, Voronezh Oceanarium and Museum of Archaeology, to spend time in night clubs "The Legend" and "Fiery Ice", Paintball club "Do not Macrame" amusement park "Star & Mlad", entertainment complex "Parnassus," water park "Fishka is", billiard club "Seventh pocket" sauna "Dolphin", the tennis club "Prometheus", a game of adventure in the rooms-sites "Eureka"? And soon you will fly home?

How to fly from Voronezh to Moscow (direct flight)?

450 km - distance Voronezh from Moscow (flight will last about 1 hour). For example, "Rus Line" road takes exactly 1 hour to the "S7" - a little more than 1 hour, and with "Utair" -1,5 hours.

Thinking about how much money to postponeFlights Voronezh-Moscow? Count on the fact that, depending on the season and the airline to which services will you turn, it will cost you 4200-7500 rubles (for the purchase of cheap tickets can be expected in May and September).

Voronezh-Moscow flight with transfers

If you are offered to fly home with transfers,then most likely, the stop will be made in Adler, Krasnodar, Murmansk, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and other cities. Homecoming takes 5.5 hours if your return trip will involve the commission of a stop in St. Petersburg ( "Rus Line", "Utair"), 4,5 hours - Adler ( "Rus Line '," Yakutia "), 7 hours - Yekaterinburg ( "Ural airlines"). If you fly home in Yekaterinburg with "Rus Line" and "Transaero", then you'll find yourself at home after 6 hours, and if in Adler with "Ural Airlines", then after 5 hours.

Selection of the carrier

From Voronezh flying aircraft (Saab 2000, Airbus A 319, Saab SF 3408, ATR 72, Boeing 737-500, ATR 42) the following airlines: "Utair"; "Rus Line"; "S7 Airlines"; "Aeroflot".

For registration Voronezh-Moscow flight respondemployees "Chertovitskoe" Airport (VOZ), remote from the town 13 km (bus number 120 goes here). The airport is at the disposal of travelers a business center, shops, cafe-bar, restaurant, post office, medical center, operating cash registers, ATM machines, cameras, which can pass the outer clothing and luggage storage.

How to occupy yourself in flight?

Flight time should be spent thinking,so that you can decide on whom to bestow gifts, acquired in Voronezh, in the form of Voronezh dolls, balm "Voronezh" (infused with herbs, juices, honey), sweets "Koltsov Songs" and "Evening Voronezh" Basil cat figurines.


  • How to fly from Voronezh to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Voronezh to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Voronezh to Moscow?

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