Children's camps in Voronezh in the summer. Children's camps in Voronezh 2015

Children's camps in Voronezh

Children's camps in Voronezh

Already in the beginning of June, start working childrencamp in Voronezh. During one summer they take the 3-4 shift. Camps usually invite children from 7 to 16 years. Popular institutions of Voronezh are "Sokol", "asterisk", "Diamond", "Swallow", "Brigantine" and "Sputnik". Voronezh region has been actively considering the issue of the organization of summer recreation. During school holidays there are functioning more than 1,200 camps. Of these, 46 facilities were located outside the city limits. In Voronezh, operates 650 camps with day stay and 550 specialized institutions.

That offer Voronezh camp

Voronezh region occupies the center of the Europeanpart of the country. She was removed from the capital to 440 km to the west and has a border with Ukraine. Guys, campers, travel to the area attractions. To miss it is not necessary - rest is done by carefully developed programs, which include a range of entertainment. Counselors and teachers spend all kinds of sports and cultural activities in which children show their abilities.

Children's camps in Voronezh tickets on offeraffordable. Their cost ranges from 12 to 24 thousand rubles. Much depends on the comfort level and the duration of the shift. The camps are located in the forest and forest areas. They are removed from the bustle of the city and industry. In Voronezh, there are not only sports and recreation camps, but also thematic.

If a child fascinated by the theme of the movie, he surelyKinoland like in the children's center. Students there are immersed in an exciting atmosphere of the cinema world. For these classes on elocution, acting and directing. Each child takes own movie, coming up with his script and applying special effects.

Features children's activities

Voronezh camp different well-developedinfrastructure. Children live in new buildings and brick houses for 3-5 people per room. Facilities: shower and toilet, usually located in a separate cabinet or on the floor. leisure organization put on a high level. Each institution has a gym, billiards, swimming pool, cinema, library, football field, tennis court, playground and sports fields. Students can take advantage of hiking and away tours for reserved places in the area. Near Voronezh has a lot of attractions. Monuments, monasteries, churches, temples and other popular tourist spot is the aquarium, which is considered the third largest in Russia.

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