Tours to Yaroslavl (Russia). Rest in Yaroslavl: photo, trips

Tours to Yaroslavl

Tours to Yaroslavl

Founded in 1010, Yaroslavl - one ofthe oldest Russian cities. Due to the important historical and cultural value, Yaroslavl included in the famous tourist route of the Golden Ring, and its old center is protected by UNESCO and is on the World Heritage list. The tours in Yaroslavl you can go by train or by plane, bus or car. The most enjoyable way to be in the ancient Russian city in the summer - a cruise on the Volga River by boat.

Briefly about the importance

  • During moderately cold, snowyYaroslavl winter daytime temperatures reaching -15. In summer temperature records are fixed at the level of 30 and above, and therefore the most comfortable time to travel to Yaroslavl - spring or early autumn.
  • To move on the old part of the city is bestfoot. All the main historical and architectural attractions are located sufficiently close to each other. As public transport in the city there are buses, trolley buses and trams.
  • The most famous place for walks and photo shootslocated on the spit. At this point, there are rivers Volga and Kotorosl. On Spit broken Square, and built a cascade of fountains with lights and music.
  • City Day in Yaroslavl celebrated in the last weekend of May.
  • In August, the airfield Levtsovo held "Dobrofest" rock festival, which is attended by both beginners and monsters modern rock art.
  • In the historical center are located 140 architectural monuments, most of which is quite possible to see even in the framework of a one-day tour to Yaroslavl.
  • Go on a tour of the old Russian city may be on the weekend. The road from the capital takes about four hours on the train, and hotels to spend the night, here are open for everyone.

Walk along the promenade

One of the most beautiful places in the city - EmbankmentVolga River. Squares and parks, historic buildings and monuments, gazebos and beds - on the waterfront are dozens of memorable places and structures. For fans of an active lifestyle on the banks of the Volga open rental and bicycle clips, and those who prefer water sports can ride on a jet ski or a boat.
Souvenirs during the trip is best to buy onpedestrian street in the center of the city of Kirov. It opened dozens of stores and centers of handicrafts, and the café "Actor" serves Russian cuisine, or have a cup of excellent coffee.


  • Tours to Yaroslavl
  • Tours to Yaroslavl

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