Beaches in Moscow: Photos, Video. The best sandy beaches in Moscow (Russia)

Beaches in Moscow

Beaches in Moscow

Temporary and permanent residents of Moscow doesOptional travel outside the city to get a beautiful bronze tan and plunge into the cool river. In the capital of the Russian Federation there are many points where you can relax from everyday work, nice tan, and teach your child to swim. Moscow beaches, of course, differ from the Crimea or Sochi, but people come back with pleasure.

Gorky Park

This place is suitable, and those who just want tocultural and relax with a book, and those who want a little refresh the skin after winter, exposing it under the sunlight. Here, there are many areas equipped for this purpose. Near the entrance to the park is literally scattered in the grass huge orange cushions, which can be freely and completely free to sprawl to tan. In a quiet green depths of Gorky Park is a real area for lovers where couples can take a chaise longue for two. is the "Olive Beach" Also at the park with paid entrance, where everyone can rent soft beds.

"Ruble" for all

One of the cheapest and most simultaneouslythe best sandy beaches of Moscow considered the beach "ruble". It is located in the picturesque bay that fully lives up to its beautiful name. The price of entry is very democratic - only 100 rubles. Of course, for this reason, people are always very much, especially if the weather is conducive to this. you can not just sunbathing on this beach, but also to engage in active leisure activities and strengthen your body: to play volleyball, ride a catamaran or boat, to try his hand in the management of water skiing. Crowded beach compensated by the fact that it is open from 9:00 to 21:00, so at least a few will be able to enjoy a pleasant breeze even those who managed to leave work early on a weekday. On the beach there are showers, where guests can freshen up or cool down. It is also a very nice addition are the lovely fountains with drinking water. In the evening there is often a disco.

Vacationing can not only off the coast of the Moskva River, and near many lakes and ponds, which are located not far from Moscow, or even within it. Muscovites are available such beaches:

  • Beach "Silver Bor"
  • beach "Borisov ponds"
  • beach on Lake Mesherskoye
  • "Left Bank" beach
  • on the White Lake Beach

The beach on White Lake is located in the area of ​​Kosino andEntrance to it is absolutely free. You can not just sunbathing, but also to swim - the water is quite clear, and the bottom is not dangerous. Best of all the beach is suitable for those who live near the area.

Photos beaches in Moscow

  • Beaches in Moscow
  • Beaches in Moscow
  • Beaches in Moscow

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