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Activities in Russia

Activities in Russia

Of course, you can go on holiday abroad,but why spend a lot of money, when to have a great holiday and a vacation can be at home. In addition, activities in Russia in no way inferior to foreign, and sometimes even surpass all expectations.

Moscow oceanarium

Located it is a miracle in the SEC "Rio." The creators have tried to cool, because as soon as you cross the threshold of the aquarium, it seemed to get into the open ocean. Overhead you currently starry sky. Around an outdoor swimming pool, populated by exotic fish, clown, starfish and sea urchins. A completely transparent floor allows you to watch the larger inhabitants of the deep sea.

Capital aquarium is unique by the fact thatHere you can see the black and white penguins, anacondas and turtles. Special attention should be paid to inspection of closed aquariums, home to a cat sharks and bloodthirsty piranhas.

Tarkhankut peninsula

It is here that you need to go, if there was a desire to take a break from the benefits of civilization. Still more undeveloped areas of the peninsula cuts into the Black Sea.

Surprisingly, according to the local clean water are not inferior to foreign seas. The reason is quite simple: there is no flowing rivers, as well as any of the processing enterprises.

But a special delight is the local landscape,very reminiscent of the alien. Quite often Tarhankut compared with the Israeli Negev. Here you will be able to evaluate the work of nature that created the rocks through caves, incredible rock formations, caves, which reach heights of 40 meters. And on the shore await lovely sandy beaches.

The local beaches - a great place for scuba diving, and constantly blowing towards the sea steppe wind makes the Bay excellent spot for kiteboarding and windsurfing.

"Glade of fairy tales"

Opening the "Glade of fairy tales" was held in 1970year, and even then it was considered one of the best museums in the Soviet Union. The founder of the museum is a Moscow engineer PP Bezrukov, who with his own hands to create amazing pieces of wood. After his death, the collection continues to add works by other masters. And now the number of items exceeded 200 copies.

While walking along the paths, you canMeet the characters of almost all well-known fairy tales. You will meet not only with Baba-Yaga, but Koloboks and Barmaley, so definitely plan to walk. A visit to the "Glade of fairy tales" will bring a lot of pleasant moments for you and your children. Additional charm of a walk will give numerous flower gardens and beautiful views of the waterfall Wuchang-Su.

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  • Activities in Russia
  • Activities in Russia
  • Activities in Russia

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