How to fly from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow? Flight time Blagoveshchensk - Moscow

How to fly from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow?

How to fly from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow?

On vacation in Blagoveshchensk, you could visitName History Museum Novikov-Daur, see the graveyard of dinosaurs, the Annunciation Cathedral, a monument to the sailors and the Arc de Triomphe, built in honor of Tsarevich Alexei, come off at the disco in a nightclub "50/50" and "Galaxy", spend time on the Zeya reservoir and paintball club "Che Guevara"? And now you want to explore the information on the return flight to Moscow?

How to fly from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow (direct flight)?

5600 km - the distance from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow, and thus your return home will take about 8 hours. Thus, a "Transaero" you fly so for 7 hours and 50 minutes, and with "Yakutia" - for 7 hours and 55 minutes.

When planning a flight home, should take care ofairfare Blagoveshchensk-Moscow: on average, it will amount to 11,200 rubles (in May, April and October, there is a chance to get tickets at more attractive prices).

Blagoveshchensk-Moscow flight with transfers

Stops on the way to Moscow may be committed inIrkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yakutsk, Vladivostok or Khabarovsk. Your trip will last 14 hours (up to dock you will have 2 hours), if you fly via Vladivostok ( "Transaero"), 26 hours (up to 2 flights, you will have to reserve 16 hours) - in Yakutsk ( "Yakutia"), 27 hours (wait for connections will have 17 hours) - in Krasnoyarsk ( "Taimyr"), 28 hours (before transplanting 2 plane you will have free time - 17.5 hours) - via Irkutsk ( "Il Aero", "Transaero"), 24 hours (waiting dock - 14 hours) - in Novosibirsk ( "Transaero").

How to choose an airline?

The aircraft (Sukhoi Superjet SU 100-95, Boeing767-200, 148-100 AH), at the disposal of the following airlines will take you from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow: "Yakutia"; "Angara Airlines"; "Ir Aero"; "Ural Airlines"; "S7".

Ignatievo airport staff (BQS)register your flight Blagoveshchensk-Moscow. The airport is 15 km from the town of Blagoveshchensk, and be able to get here by bus number 8 and express bus №10E. While waiting for the flight, you can buy souvenirs, newspapers, magazines, various goods in local stores, to get rid of hunger, ordering a delicious meal in the cafe, located on the 2 floor of the terminal, to stay in the waiting room or business lounge (economy class passengers will have to pay 2,000 RUR 1 per person per stay in the room), perform the necessary operations at ATMs, as well as, if necessary, contact the clinic or buy medicine from a pharmacy.

How to occupy yourself on board the aircraft?

During the flight is to take a nap, and thenthink about someone close to you to deliver purchased in Blagoveshchensk souvenirs in the form of candies "Bird's milk", Far Eastern and Amur fish, eggs, pine cones, wicker products (Aleutian "silk" Weaving), the healing balm "Amur", honey (flower, Serpukhov).


  • How to fly from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow?

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