How to fly from Cheboksary to Moscow? Flight time Cheboksary - Moscow

How to fly from Cheboksary to Moscow?

How to fly from Cheboksary to Moscow?

On holiday in Cheboksary, you could explore theMonument of Mother Patroness, St. John of Kronstadt church Intercession, St. Tatiana's Cathedral, home of merchants Zeleyschikova and Ephraim, to walk along the waterfront, next to Cheboksary bay, spend time in the park named after Chapaev and night clubs "Renaissance", "Mega Galaxy" and "Neon"? Now, before flying home remained a matter of hours?

How to fly from Cheboksary to Moscow (direct flight)?

To overcome the 600 km separating Cheboksary and Moscow, travelers will be able to 1.5 hours. For example, if you will deliver to Moscow "Rus Line", you will spend on the road: 1 hour 20 minutes.

The cost Cheboksary-Moscow ticket canask the staff ticket offices: they prompt you that their average cost is 7400 rubles (in August and September you can buy a ticket for 5200 rubles).

Connection Flight Cheboksary-Moscow

Fly home, you can stay on vacation inAirport Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Murmansk, or another city. When the flight through St. Petersburg ( "Rus Line", "Transaero") your airline trip lasts 8.5 hours (on board the aircraft, you will spend about 3.5 hours), via Murmansk ( "Utair") - 19 hours (before how to board the two aircraft, you will be able to rest for 13 hours), through Samara ( "Orenburg", "S7 Airlines") - 6 hours (on board the aircraft you are going to stay 3 hours), through Ekaterinburg ( "Rus Line "," Ural Airlines ") - 25 hours (on the dock between flights you will allocate 20 hours).

Choose a carrier

One of the following air carriers will offer you to board the AN 24, Tupolev TU 204, Canadair CRJ 200, Boeing 757-200 or another aircraft: "Rus Line"; "Izhavia"; "Utair"; "Ak Bars Aero".

Flight Cheboksary-Moscow service employees"Cheboksary" Airport (CSY) - it is removed from the city center 7 km (get in the bus number 15, number 50 minibus, tram number 9, 2 ili15). The airport has payment terminals, ATMs, medical center, storage room (where you can leave luggage before departure: the service costs 120 rubles / 1 hour), safe (for an additional fee here you can put cash, bank cards and documents), Wi-Fi access Internet lounges, including the superior (in the latter, you can watch TV, sitting in an easy chair), area for hanging out mothers with children, points of public catering, retail stores, including shops, where you can get souvenirs.

What to do on board?

The air-travel should consider which of the relativesgive souvenirs bought in the capital of Chuvashia, in the form of confectionery products manufactured in the factory "Akkond" balm herbal "Guy", female headgear - hushpu clothes with Chuvash ornament, decorated with embroidery, kegs of beer, Chuvash boots, clay toys -svistulek.


  • How to fly from Cheboksary to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Cheboksary to Moscow?

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