How to fly from Gorno-Altaisk to Moscow? Flight time Gorno-Altaisk - Moscow

How to fly from Gorno-Altaisk to Moscow?

How to fly from Gorno-Altaisk to Moscow?

On holiday in the Gorno-Altaisk you could seeTransfiguration Church, to visit the site of ancient human settlements - on Ulalinskoy Paleolithic site, visit the Republican Museum of Local Lore, spend time in the amusement park "Rainbow", billiard club "Carom" Paintball club "Altai" and "height", night clubs, "the B52 "," Mechanics "and" Rome "? And soon you will be a return flight to Moscow?

How to fly from Gorno-Altaisk to Moscow (direct flight)?

Gorno-Altaisk removed from Moscow to 3100 km (the flight takes approximately 5 hours). For example, a flight in "Vnukovo" from "Transaero" will last for 4 hours and 55 minutes, and in "Domodedovo" with the "S7 Airlines" - exactly 5 hours.

Recognizing airfare Gorno-Altaisk -Moscow advisable to advance: the average price ranges from 5300-8700 rubles, but for the purchase of low-cost tickets, you can count on in the winter months (when it comes to the cost of tickets to the interface, the ticket, assuming flight over Novosibirsk, would cost you approximately 11100 rubles).

Connection Flight Gorno-Altaisk - Moscow

At the docks in Adler, Novosibirsk,St. Petersburg and other cities, your way to the house will take at least 7 hours. If you do not consider the time allotted for the docking, the air you will spend 6.5 hours, and by Adler ( "S7 Airlines", "Red Wings"), on the way through Novosibirsk ( "Kras Air", "Aeroflot") - 7:00 .

Choose a carrier

For flights from Gorno-Altaisk to Moscow to meetThe following carriers flying in the Airbus A 320, Boeing 737, Airbus A 318, the ATR 42 and other aircraft: "Utair"; "S7 Airlines"; "Transaero"; "Ural Airlines". It should be noted that the average of this route is carried out 3 times a week.

Go check in Gorno-Altaisk - Moscowtravelers will be offered at the airport, "Gorno-Altaisk" (PGK), located 14 km from the city (you can reach here by bus № 218-1, 218-2, 102). Here wait for departure home can be in the waiting room, to satisfy hunger in food establishments, to get souvenirs at the gift shop, using ATM services and luggage storage.

What you can do during your stay in the air?

In flight, it is advisable to decide who from theirpresent souvenirs purchased in Gorno-Altaisk, in the form of honey, pine nuts, folk art items (charms, dishes, amulets, costumes, paintings), blankets made of goat hair, musical instruments (Camus, topshur), carpets, hand-stitched, figurines made of stone.


  • How to fly from Gorno-Altaisk to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Gorno-Altaisk to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Gorno-Altaisk to Moscow?

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