How to fly from Irkutsk to Moscow? Time of flight Irkutsk - Moscow

How to fly from Irkutsk to Moscow?

How to fly from Irkutsk to Moscow?

In Irkutsk, you could go for a walk onriver boat on the Angara River in the city, admire the works of art (Siberian and Russian icons, wooden sculptures of the XVIII century, a collection of paintings) in the Irkutsk Art Museum named after Sukachev, visit the manor Decembrists Volkonsky and Trubetskoy and nerpinary? But the vacation was over and all the more urgent it becomes for you a question about how much time it will take your homecoming?

How to fly from Irkutsk to Moscow on a direct flight?

The road to Moscow from Irkutsk (two of the cityseparates a little more than 4,200 km) it takes about 5.5 hours. So, with "Utair" in flight you will spend 5.5 hours, with the "Ural Airlines" - 6.5 hours, with "STC Russia" and "Aeroflot" - 6 hours 05 minutes, "the S7" - 6 hours 20 minutes .

The cost of the ticket in this area is about 12,000 rubles (expect to acquire more democratic at the price of a ticket can be in October, March and April).

Flight Irkutsk to Moscow with change

If you are offered to fly to Moscow, makingtransplant, be prepared for the fact that your air travel will last from 14 to 24 hours. On the way to Moscow, you can make a transplant in Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Yakutsk, and even Beijing. So, make a change in Beijing ( "the S7"), you'll land in "Sheremetyevo" after 19 hours, in Khabarovsk ( "Aeroflot") - after 14 hours in Yakutsk ( "the S7") - after 19 hours and 10 minutes. And if you have to make two changes, for example, in Beijing and Ulaanbaatar ( "Hainan Airlines"), then you will find yourself at home at the expiration of 21 hours and 40 minutes.

Select airline

Transportation route Irkutsk-Moscow dealAirlines such as "Aeroflot"; "Ural Airlines"; "Miat"; "Hainan Airlines", "Yakutia", "Angara Airlines" and other (they invite passengers aboard the Airbus A 330-300, Boeing 737-500, Airbus A 333, 148-100, Academy of Sciences and other aircraft). It should be noted that in this direction weekly carried about 15 flights.

Flights to Moscow depart from the airportIrkutsk (IKT) - it separates from the city center 8 km. There, waiting for your flight, you will be able to walk through the gift shop, sit in a massage chair, use the payment or snack machine guns, a glimpse into the history of the airport museum, spend time with children in the playroom Baby Room ...

What to do in an airplane?

On the plane you will have the opportunity to slightlysleep, read, and think and decide which of the relatives to please bought in Irkutsk souvenirs, such as salted, smoked or sun-dried Baikal omul, products made of opal, jade, amethyst and lapis lazuli, stocks of pine cones, herbal teas and medicinal collections .


  • How to fly from Irkutsk to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Irkutsk to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Irkutsk to Moscow?

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