How to fly from Magnitogorsk to Moscow? Flight time Magnitogorsk - Moscow

How to fly from Magnitogorsk to Moscow?

How to fly from Magnitogorsk to Moscow?

On holiday in Magnitogorsk, you could seeMonument "The first tent," Great Mosque, a monument to "Rear - Front" and the church of the Ascension, to visit the Museum of History and Ethnography of the Cossacks and the Museum-apartment of the poet Boris streams, spend time in the malls, "Universal" and "Boomerang" urban circus , the ecological park, the square of Metallurgists, the water park "Waterfall Wonderland" nightclubs "the Penthouse" and "Banzai"? But before flying to Moscow remained a matter of hours?

How to fly from Magnitogorsk to Moscow (direct flight)?

The distance of 1400 km you can manage 2 hours. For example, at home you can deliver "Transaero", on board the aircraft that you will spend 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Being interested in the cost of air tickets from Magnitogorsk to Moscow, travelers will learn that it is around 7500-9600 rubles (the best price is held in May and September).

Connection Flight Magnitogorsk to Moscow

To rest, and at the same time to see anotherCity, on the way to Moscow, you can make a stop in Samara, Ufa, Perm, Yekaterinburg. Flight with a stop in St. Petersburg ( "Aeroflot") takes about 4.5 hours (the entire road will last about 8 hours), Samara ( "VimAvia", "Utair") - 4 hours (all the way to extend over 10 hours) Ufa ( "Aeroflot", "Utair") - more than 3 hours (you will return home after 16 hours), Perm ( "Utair") - 3,5 hours (the return home is delayed by almost 17 hours).

Choose a carrier

The following companies offer you a flight todestination on the TU 204, Embraer EMB 120, TU 214, Sukhoi Superjet 100, a Boeing 737-400 airliner or another: "Aeroflot"; "Utair"; "Transaero"; "Vim Avia".

Go check in Magnitogorsk, Moscowyou will be offered at the airport, "Magnitogorsk" (MQF), located 14 km from the city (by bus number 142 or 104). The airport has the usual and waiting room for business class passengers, luggage storage, dining options, room equipped with facilities for hanging of parents and children (there are beds, room for swaddling babies, a games room, a kitchen for self-catering and a bathroom) . In addition, visitors can spend the night or a few days before flying home to the hotel "Orbita": it is equipped with class rooms "Economy" and "Suite".

What to do on the road?

The air-travel it is advisable to determine thegifts from Magnitogorsk (souvenirs with the symbols of the hockey club "Metallurg", the unique lemons weighing up to 1 kg of Narovchat Limonar, porcelain bells, beer brewed at the brewery "Hagel", pastries made in a factory, "MMK" Malachite Box) more precisely, what would give your family.


  • How to fly from Magnitogorsk to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Magnitogorsk to Moscow?

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