How to fly from Tomsk to Moscow? Flight time Tomsk - Moscow

How to fly from Tomsk to Moscow?

How to fly from Tomsk to Moscow?

On vacation you have been in Tomsk in the Tomsk Museumwooden architecture, walked through the University grove where pine trees, cedars and installed pagan sculptures, saw the Virgin-Alexius monastery, admire the wonderful views from the Blue Rock, had a great time in the City Park, the entertainment center "Balls" night club "Shalyapin"? Now you are ready to go back to Moscow?

How to fly from Tomsk to Moscow on a direct flight?

As Moscow and Tomsk are in removal of 2,800 km, the air you have to spend 4.5-5 hours.
On airplanes belonging to "S7 Airlines", youspend in the way of a little over 4.5 hours (landings planned in "Domodedovo"), "Aeroflot" - 4 hours 20 minutes (landing at "Sheremetyevo"), "Transaero" - 5:00 (landing will be made in "Domodedovo").
The average price of tickets Tomsk-Moscow hovering around 5100-8300 rubles (tickets sold at affordable prices in November, January and April).

Tomsk-Moscow flight with transfers

In this area can be traced route considering joining in Krasnoyarsk, Osh, Barnaul, Surgut (such flights took 7-27 hours).
So, making the transplant in Surgut ( "Utair"), youspend 13.5 hours on the road, in Krasnoyarsk ( "Transaero") - 20 hours (on the same route with the airline "Taimyr" you get over 7.5 hours), Barnaul ( "Ural Airlines") - 23,5 hours, St. Petersburg ( "Transaero") - almost 27 hours (in anticipation of the flight will you be almost 19 hours).

Selection of the airline

you will reach the Russian capital with athe following airlines (they will carry you on a Boeing 737-500, Airbus A 320, Boeing 737-800, Aerospatiale ATR 42-500, Cessna, Canadair Regional Jet, the Academy of Sciences and 24 other airplanes):
- "S7";
- "Aeroflot";
- "Orenburg airlines";
- "Ural Airlines";
- "Alrosa".
Per serving Tomsk-Moscow flight is responsible Bogashevo Airport (TOF), located 14 km from the city (to get here by bus or taxi number 119).
Here you can "get rid" of a heavy burden, surrenderingluggage storage, spend time in the waiting room or the mother and child's room, go to the post office, make the necessary surgery or removal of transfer of money in the ATMs are there, he borrowed free Wi-Fi, to satisfy his hunger by visiting the point of catering.

What to do in an airplane?

If upon arrival at home you do not want to offendpeople close to you, beware of anyone not deprived of their attention and give them souvenirs from Tomsk in the form of dried berries, herbs and mushrooms, pine nuts, a small copy of a bronze monument Luckily, birch bark products, candies "Bird's milk", local sausage, sterlet in sealed containers, painted wooden ruble.


  • How to fly from Tomsk to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Tomsk to Moscow?

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