Children's camps in Barnaul for the summer. Children's camps in Barnaul 2015

Children's camps in Barnaul

Children's camps in Barnaul

In Barnaul, as in many other large cities in Russia, it operates a large number of children's centers and camps. The infrastructure facilities of this type is very well developed.

For leisure activities in summer camps have specific requirements:

  • Teachers and counselors are guided by all the children together and separately on each;
  • The program is developed in accordance with the age of the children;
  • while relaxing the mandatory measures are in an optimal ratio of voluntary affairs;
  • activities aimed at developing the creative potential of children, their self-realization and self-expression.

Children's camps in Barnaul alandscaped area, where there is a dining rooms, sports fields, playgrounds, and other cultural and recreational facilities. In the children's room facilities have health care. continental climate of the city. Here the hot summer and cold winter with little precipitation.

Weather in Barnaul enoughcontrast, due to the influence of air masses coming from the Altai mountains of Central Asia and the Arctic Ocean. Quality and interesting children's holiday is possible all year round. Children spend leisure time in the camps, day care centers, not only in summer but also in winter. The coldest month is January. The rest of the time in Barnaul, usually sunny and clear.

The city has many green spaces, parks,parks and boulevards. However, Barnaul can not be called environmentally friendly. Industrial enterprises - the main sources of air pollution. In addition, the air in the city car exhaust spoiled. Parents try to buy tickets to suburban camps, which are located in a clean ecological zone.

Where are the best camps

Children's camps in Barnaul, located on the shoresOka and Barnaulka. The children during the holidays make excursions. The city has many historical monuments, which are of interest from the students. This ancient sites, mounds and settlements. In total, the city has 63 ancient locations. The most famous natural heritage is considered to Barnaul belt forest - forest belt surrounding the city. This forest is unique and is a monument of nature. A huge area is covered by coniferous and deciduous trees. Therefore Barnaul suburbs - this is the best place for recreation for children. Guys go hiking the forest, picnic and enjoy the beautiful nature. Pure forest air has beneficial effects on children's health.

Photos of children's camps in Barnaul

  • Children's camps in Barnaul

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