Children's camps in the summer of Buryatia. Children's camps in Buryatia 2015

Children's camps in Buryatia

Children's camps in Buryatia

Buryatia offers an interesting and rich children's rest. There are mountain ranges, taiga, wooded mountains, Lake Baikal and other natural objects.

Children's camps in Buryatia - it's active life,full of adventure. Rest in these children spend usefully. The beautiful nature of this region contributes to better health. Many institutions are located near Lake Baikal. They are surrounded by unspoilt forests, among which are also motels, and resorts. Air in forests Buriatia useful for the respiratory system. Activities in the local health camps especially useful for children with respiratory diseases.

As you can relax in Buryatia

Children accompanied by an exciting holidayexcursions. Camp conducted educational trips, dedicated to the history of Buryatia. It shakes its natural heritage. There is nothing surprising in the fact that in this country tourism is developing very actively. From the south and east of Buryatia is surrounded by Lake Baikal. On the territory of this country are such mountain ranges as the Eastern Altai, Baikal and Barguzin ranges, Sayan and Khamar-Daban. Buryatia is covered with forests, and along the shores of the lake there are beaches covered with sand. There is well-developed cultural, educational, environmental, sports and adventure tourism.

The draw of Buryatia resorts

In Buryatia there are attractions thatattract holidaymakers. One of the most beautiful places in Buryatia are considered Eastern Sayan. This area is considered to be impassable, and there are hiking trails of varying difficulty. In Sayan spend hiking year-round. In the mountains, there are areas where tourists are engaged in rock-climbing and mountaineering.

The oldest resort in the republic is Goryachinsk. He became famous for its hot springs. On holidays here try to get people from different regions of Russia and the world. The resort is located on the shores of Lake Baikal. Arriving in Goryachinsk, tourists are happy to make a walk in the picturesque surroundings.

Leisure activities in mountain areas proposedschool age children. For kids camps in Buryatia organize hiking on simple routes, picnics and games in nature. Guys get a lot of positive emotions from the cognitive and recreation. Educators and counselors carry out interesting activities in the camp: musical evenings, competitions, sports games, quizzes and others.

Photos of children's camps in Buryatia

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