Children's camps in the summer of Chuvashia. Children's camps in Chuvashia in 2015

Children's camps in Chuvashia

Children's camps in Chuvashia

Chuvashia is located in the Volga-Vyatka region -center of the European part of the country. It occupies a small area, but the population density is quite high there. Chuvash lands for centuries lived Slavic, Finno-Ugric and Turkic peoples. Although the multi-ethnic composition, the political situation is always stable. Chuvashia has a favorable geographical position. It is located in the middle reaches of the river Volga. The natural environment here is unique. The sources of water are rivers such as the Volga, Tsivil and Sura. There are many lakes in the republic, which are scattered on its territory.

The advantage of recreation in the Chuvash Republic

Children's camps in Chuvashia enablerelax among the purest of nature. Wealth in the region are considered to be forests: mixed forests, groves, forests. Forests cover mainly land located along the Sura River and east of the Volga region. The fauna of reservoirs characterized by an abundance of carp fish, forests and animal world are elk, wild boars, hares, foxes and other animals. Republic is located in the zone of moderate continental climate. It is attractive for tourists due to its favorable geographical location, cultural, historical and recreational potential.

Chuvashia is a perfect pieceVolga region, where ancient monuments are combined with a modern infrastructure. Experts believe that the main advantage of the Chuvash Republic is that it is conveniently located on the Volga River flowing through the green and scenic areas. The development of tourism is playing an important role. On the territory of Chuvashia, a large number of health camps, sanatoriums and recreation centers. You can not only improve their health but also have a good rest. Chuvash region has a rich history and unique culture. It is associated with the names of many famous people. Chuvashia has tourist attractions, natural clean zones. Tourists interested in the culture of the indigenous population, its national ceremonies and traditions.

Features children's health camps

Chuvashia offers a varied holiday for children. When schools work in summer camps with day stay. Outside the city are health, sports and specialized camps. Health camps in Chuvashia use rich natural potential of the region for the improvement of school. Spa treatment includes a range of treatments:. Massage, indoor pool, spa bath, etc. The children are encouraged to camp a full five meals and a full range of entertainment services.

Photos of children's camps in Chuvashia

  • Children's camps in Chuvashia

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