Children's camps in Kaluga for the summer. Children's camps in Kaluga in 2015

Children's camps in Kaluga

Children's camps in Kaluga

One of the best forms of recreation for childrena camp. It provides student educational, health and leisure fun in the holidays. Popular children's camp in Kaluga offer exciting change. Programs are made by experienced specialists, so do not have to be bored children.

Kaluga is located in Central Russia,Oka River. The climate is temperate continental with warm and rainy summers and snowy winters. Such conditions make it possible to organize an exciting children's recreation in any season.

Advantages of children's camps

A child can spend time with their peers. It is located in the open air, among the pure nature. Organizers conducted active entertainment, sports and educational activities. It has beneficial effects on physical and mental health of schoolchildren. Time, free from active employment, is filled with informative tours. The professional staff organize exciting trips to local attractions. In Kaluga, there are a number of interesting historical sites. These are monuments of architecture: the ancient buildings, old houses, churches, bell towers, and others.

Throughout the rest child develops qualityleader and team spirit. Depending on the specifics of the camp, campers improve certain skills: language skills, sports skills, and others.

What camp are in Kaluga

Book a ticket to the Kaluga camp shouldadvance since the beginning of the season empty seats may not be available. Choose an institution should be based on student needs. Activities should contribute to its development. Children's camps in Kaluga - are institutions active recreation, sports and recreation camps. Their main goal - rehabilitation and physical development of children. Children can use the swimming pool and sports facilities. Instructors and counselors spend for their competitions and sports games. There is a category of camps that teach children to live amidst nature. This tented camp in which students put up tents, bonfires and landmark.

Linguistic camp invite thoseIt seeks to improve their knowledge in the field of foreign languages. The children learn a new language, get relevant knowledge and communicate with native speakers. To consolidate the material in the camps, there are a variety of programs, which are used during special games. To contribute to the creative development of the child, it can be sent to a specialized camp. In a creative institution have hobby groups, creative studios, theater workshops and others.

Photos of children's camps in Kaluga

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