Children's camps in the Kaluga region for the summer. Children's camps in the Kaluga region in 2015

Children's camps in the Kaluga region

Children's camps in the Kaluga region

The Kaluga Region has wonderful baserecreation, health resorts and children's camps. Health institutions invite children and adults, offering quality vacation at affordable rates. Kaluga region removed from Moscow for 150 km. Therefore, before it can be reached without hassle. After spending 2 hours you can get from the capital to the edge of a wonderful nature.

What holiday is possible in the camps

Children's camps in the Kaluga region - islandscaped complex with all amenities. Many of them are located on the bank of the Oka and the pine forest. This allows you to relax amidst beautiful scenery. The ecological situation in the region is favorable for people. This is especially true of those places that are away from the industrial enterprises. Good reviews are camps of sanatorium type. They are equipped with the latest equipment, which allows you to diagnose and provide treatment and prevention of various diseases. Motels Kaluga region specialize in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, musculoskeletal system, nervous diseases. In the region are located the sources of clean fresh water reserves and national parks. Kaluga sanatoriums and health camps - a popular institutions for the treatment and prevention of childhood diseases. Together with the medical procedures they offer a range of entertainment. The specialists use modern technology in the field of pediatrics.

Child development or summer camp -this is an excellent opportunity to recuperate after the school year and to relax among the pure nature. Many agencies have launched a unique educational methodology (language, sports and education). This makes it possible to combine the development and recreation of children. Programs in the camp very much, so parents choose the one they like the most.

What do the children on holiday

Children's camps in the Kaluga regionprovide a comprehensive program for working with students. Among the activities there are hiking, biking and water trips. This entertainment program is constantly updated, making it impossible for children to be bored. Leisure school in Kaluga camps organized at a decent level. Children in the camp live in accordance with the mode of the day. They get good nutrition and are constantly under the supervision of counselors and teachers. The Kaluga Region has a health camp with a sports bias. They can not only relax, but also to join the certain sports, strengthen your muscles and improve your health. In addition to teachers and counselors in these institutions operate sports instructors and coaches.

Photos of children's camps in the Kaluga region

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