Children's camps in Kirov for the summer. Children's camps in Kirov 2015

Children's camps in Kirov

Children's camps in Kirov

The Kirov has 67 schools, in which the summeroperate camps. Apart from these children's leisure offer creative and sports schools. Organization of children's activities is under the control of the city administration. During the summer holidays in the camps with day stay, many students have time to visit. Special attention is devoted by the authorities relaxed guys who got into a difficult situation. Such children there are at least 2500. In the camps with day stay can enjoy more than 1,800 children.

What features are Kirov camp

Children's camps in Kirov act in accordancewith the general rules of the organization of children's recreation. Many institutions innovate and offer exciting programs, which have no analogues. As a rule, health camps are designed for children aged 6 to 17 years. Some parents purchase tickets once on 2 shifts, believing that a change in the camp is not enough for a good rest. If the child is under 9 years, it is better to use only one ticket to the summer. When it is more than 10 years, you can send it to the camp on 2 shifts. Ideal - to stay in the camp, 1 shift, then a miss and come to the third. If a student is resting in camp 2 consecutive months, he is tired mentally. This holiday does not cause positive emotions. Deciding to send a child to camp for the summer, buy tickets to various institutions.

Kirov camp is divided into traditional,sports and institutions defined specificity. Selection of vouchers is very wide, so each family can send a child to camp, taking into account their wishes. The climatic conditions of the area give the opportunity to relax in the children's center in every season. Excellent camp situated on the banks of the river Vyatka. Nearby lie the pine forests, the air that is considered curative. Rest in these eco-friendly places is good for children's health.

Ready whether the child to the camp

Children's camps in Kirov - a wellnessagencies who recruit experienced teachers only. Counselors and teachers create a favorable atmosphere in which each child can reveal their identities. However, not all children like to live in camps, away from their parents. There is a category of guys who barely tolerate separation from home. Usually it is the children who experience difficulty in communicating with peers. So students are not recommended to go to the camp before 8 years. In addition, it is important that the child was independent. All the subtleties of self-organization should address parents are still at home. In the camp, the child himself must wash their hands, wash, dress and so on. D.

Photos of children's camps in Kirov

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