Children's camps in Kursk in the summer. Children's camps in Kursk 2015

Children's camps in Kursk

Children's camps in Kursk

Kursk region is actively developing the tourism industry andrecreation. By the beginning of the summer holidays on the territory of Kursk start working schoolyards and health camps. For the city limits there are great suburban camps and children's sanatoriums. Kursk is the administrative center of Kursk region. It is included in the Central Federal District and borders on areas such as Oryol, Bryansk, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Belgorod.

What holiday is possible for children

Students Kursk during the holidays can relaxin local camps or in nearby areas of the facilities. Children's camps in Kursk offer activities: trips, multi-day trips, sports activities. In the region there are no significant water resources, although there are quite a dense river network. Rivers of the eastern part of the Kursk region belong to the basin of the Don, and the rivers of the central and western parts - the pool Dnieper. Large rivers are deep and wide. In the area there are 870 lakes and more than 780 artificial reservoirs (reservoirs and ponds).

The area is under the authority of Kursk moderatelycontinental climate. In the summer heat in the city, and in the winter - in moderation cold. A characteristic feature of the Kursk region - a large number of cloudy days a year. The camps and resorts are located in scenic areas: in the forest areas along the shores of lakes and rivers.

Children's camps in Kursk organize leisurea unique program. They offer sightseeing trips and excursions. Touring the area is very interesting. The area impresses tourists with its beautiful nature and original architectural structures. Kursk attracts cultural landmarks and architectural monuments. In the many historical sites devoted to the Battle of Kursk. The city preserved the buildings of 17-18 centuries.

Infrastructure children's camps

Each institution has a protected, wellgreenery and landscaped area. The camp has space for recreation and walks, summer stage and play areas. Many health institutions accept children all year round. In the camps, conduct specialized and profile changes. To accommodate the children are one-storey houses or housing. Dining takes place in the dining room. Children receive a varied and healthy diet. The menu includes fish and meat dishes, cereals, fruits, salads and pastries. The camp Kursk child will be bored. Every day since held competitions, events, concerts, festivals and festivals.

Photos of children's camps in Kursk

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