Children's camps in Magnitogorsk in the summer. Children's camps in Magnitogorsk 2015

Children's camps in Magnitogorsk

Children's camps in Magnitogorsk

Magnitogorsk is located in the Chelyabinsk region, byboth sides of the Ural River. Almost all industrial enterprises are located on the left bank. Therefore, on the right bank of the areas considered to be more environmentally friendly.

Which children's holiday vacation possible

Children's camps are presented in Magnitogorska wide network of health and specialized agencies. They offer an exciting holiday for children from 7 to 16 years. Excursions in Magnitogorsk interested in school-age children. The children attend the city circus, a water park "Waterfall Wonderland" and the city's museums. It operates brooks museum of the poet, Steel Mill Museum, Local History and other museums. For outdoor activities and sports are more suitable urban neighborhood, where many beautiful lakes. In the suburbs of Magnitogorsk popular cycling and skiing. In the city there are the spectacular and unusual monuments created not so long ago. Its decoration is light and music fountain, which is especially beautiful in the evening. Among the monuments of interest is the Church of the Ascension, the Central Mosque and the bridge leading from Asia to Europe and back.

The main types of children's camps

Children's camps in Magnitogorsk can be divided intoseasonal and year-round. Seasonal camps operated only during winter and summer vacations. They organize educational and wellness leisure students. Among such institutions special favor bringing language and sports camps. Year-round recreation camps offer health-improving type. They take students who are in need of treatment. At the wellness children can do on the school curriculum. In Magnitogorsk, many camps and day care institutions weekend.

If we consider the place of residence of tourists, thedistinguish tent camp and stationary. The first work in the warmer months, offering children living in tents. Inpatient facilities are much more comfortable. Students live in comfortable houses or buildings with facilities. The city is also working offsite camp. They annually rent comfortable facilities for children. Usually, this base is formed by hotels, other camps or hotels. Most popular Magnitogorsk won the camps with day stay. They operate only during the day. As a rule, these institutions are invited to school only in June. Children recreation camp visited sections engaged in circles, walk on the school grounds, play, work, receive adequate nutrition.

Photos of children's camps in Magnitogorsk

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