Children's camps in Novokuznetsk in the summer. Children's camps in Novokuznetsk 2015

Children's camps in Novokuznetsk

Children's camps in Novokuznetsk

Novokuznetsk - the oldest and the largest city inKemerovo region. It is located in the southern part of Western Siberia, in the south of the Kuznetsk Coal Basin, occupying both banks of the river Tom. Today Novokuznetsk is a major transport, economic and cultural center of Siberia. The most powerful enterprises of coal industry in Russia are concentrated here. Therefore, the ecological situation in the city is unfavorable.

At one camp to send a child

The best and popular children's camp in Novokuznetsklocated outside the city, away from hazardous industries. The city is under the influence of extreme continental climate. Where there are significant diurnal and annual temperature fluctuations. Novokuznetsk summer is warm and humid. But summer does not stay long - it is short, shorter than the calendar of summer for 10 days.

The city is known for its polluted atmosphere. Experts identify environmental indicators exceeded hazardous to human substances, which include nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, benzopyrene, hydrogen fluoride. Air Novokuznetsk dusty and dirty. Children's health centers and resorts located in more favorable areas for Novokuznetsk. The Kemerovo region is full of clean place, close to the rivers and forests, which are rich wellness potential.

Novokuznetsk residents prefer to buy ticketsin suburban children's camps. The city operated school camps with day stay. They offer children organized leisure until the end of June. Then you can purchase a ticket to the summer camp in the Kemerovo region. Activities outside Novokuznetsk - is an opportunity to see the sights of the area, and hiking in the mountains. The area provides plenty of opportunities for fans of outdoor activities. Many health centers and camps occupied by green areas not far from Novokuznetsk. Excellent children's camps are open in such towns as Ashmarin, Slavin, village Esaulovka and others.

Organization of children's camps in Novokuznetsk

Educators, teachers and counselors working incamps, doing everything possible to children's holiday was informative, fun and wellness. Children's camps in Novokuznetsk, suggesting day stay, created for the purpose of rehabilitation, recreation and development of children in the community. This traditional type of camp, which opened a year in each school. They operate during the summer and winter vacations. They include sports, sanatorium, health and specialized units.

Photos of children's camps in Novokuznetsk

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