Children's camps in Omsk for the summer. Children's camps in Omsk 2015

Children's camps in Omsk

Children's camps in Omsk

Omsk has a well developed infrastructure,therefore, children's centers and camps there are many. The total number of children's camps more than 850. Among them there are more than 50 tent camps and 50 farmhouses. Within the city there are over 740 camps, day care.

Features children's activities in Omsk

Omsk is located in a place where the river flows into the IrtyshOb, occupying the southern portion of the West Siberian Plain. Local nature is very picturesque and the climate allows you to organize high-quality summer vacation. During the summer, various forms of recreation unable to reach at least 210 school-age children. Of Children's camp in Omsk operate year-round, and the rest of the camp take the kids in the summer. One change usually lasts 21 days.

Organization profile shifts of different directions- It is a tradition of the Omsk region. Students Omsk rest not only in the local camps and health centers, but also in the all-Russian children's centers, which include the "Ocean" in Vladivostok and "Eaglet" in Tuapse. Choosing a camp in the Omsk region, parents are guided relaxation program, which may include a variety of activities. Many children's camp in Omsk offer students exciting tours around the city.

The attractions here are so many, andsome of them are world famous. For example:. Omsk fortress, the Assumption Cathedral and other Omsk is located in the zone of continental climate, which leads to the weather. But this does not prevent the organization of summer holidays.

Which camp is best for baby

Most camps are located in Omskenvironmentally safe areas outside the city. Omsk is a lot of industries, which have a negative impact on the environment. The city is dominated by the polluted atmosphere, since the influence of anthropogenic factor is too high.

Omsk is the natural park of "BirdHarbor ", which seems interesting travelers and locals. The city is replete with original architectural forms. The historical center is Lubinsky Avenue, along which there are monuments. Very picturesque looks arrow Ob and Irtysh. the airport, the construction of which is frozen is next to the city center. The architectural monument is the train station, which looks very nice.

Despite the attractiveness of the city, relaxbetter outside. The best option - to buy a ticket to the camp in Chernoluche (55 km from Omsk, along the Irtysh). It was there that focused resorts and recreation centers. They are surrounded by pure nature, which is their main advantage.

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