Children's camps in Ryazan for the summer. Children's camps in Ryazan in 2015

Children's camps in Ryazan

Children's camps in Ryazan

Ryazan - a rich historical past,beautiful nature and good climate. Tourism in the region is growing rapidly. In Ryazan, there are many interesting places. It is possible not only active, but also contemplative rest. Children's camps in Ryazan invite students throughout the year.

What camps have in Ryazan

The city has sanatorium camp andday camp stay. Health shifts are carried out to improve the health of the younger generation. Many health centers and children's centers are located in ecologically clean areas. They offer high-quality rest and treatment procedures for children of different ages. Prices for holidays in Ryazan camps available, so tours are very popular.

Famous for its ancient Ryazanattractions. Urban and suburban temples and churches are objects of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians. Previously called Pereslavl Ryazan Ryazan. Currently, the city is one of the largest Russian cities. The main driving force of Ryazan in all ages has been the Orthodox culture. That is why it became the capital of the archdiocese of the Orthodox Russian Church. Ryazan Kremlin, located on the bank of the Oka, is considered to be the main attraction, a revered Christian believers. The symbol of the city is the Cathedral of the Assumption Cathedral.

Ryazan is striking in its pristine beauty -Many ancient buildings have preserved their identity as changed very slightly. Especially interesting Ryazan seems older students. Resting in the camps, they are happy to visit the city's attractions. While in Ryazan, you should definitely look at the Archbishop's House of, earth mound, Mound, the Holy Spirit church bell tower. The town itself is situated on a hilly and high precipice. Therefore, its ancient buildings visible from afar.

Best Ryazan camp

Children's camps in Ryazan - is not onlyhealth, but also the Orthodox establishment. The popular camp is the "Sovereign". It is a large complex, which includes buildings of different sizes. The camp is located near Konstantinovo village, the birthplace of the great poet Yesenin. "Sovereign" takes children all year round. Winter change falls on Christmas, and so dedicated to this wonderful event. Camp adheres to the interactive program, which varies depending on the needs of children.

One of the best camps in Ryazan considered"Star". This health center, which is located in the resort area (Spassky district, village Vypolzovo). The camp is surrounded by pine forest, so the air is filled with scents of pine needles. Health complex at the same time takes up to 180 people.

Photos of children's camps in Ryazan

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