Children's camps in the Primorye Territory in the summer. Children's camps in the Primorye Territory in 2015

Children's camps in the Primorsky Territory

Children's camps in the Primorsky Territory

Rest in the Primorsky Territory is good inany season. Local nature is very beautiful and allows you to combine cultural tourism with recreational and sports facilities. In winter, ski slopes are relevant, which are suitable for adults and children. Winter holiday offers tourists the charm of the Ussuri taiga nature that has been preserved in its original form.

What attracts children's rest in Primorye

Children's camps in the Primorsky Territory is located incoastal areas. Children's rest as possible on the territory of the summer bases scattered islands of Primorye. From July to September, people come here, attracted by the "golden" beaches of the Sea of ​​Japan. Prices for children's tickets are very democratic. Rest in Primorye - is sandy beaches, clear waters, hills, diverse flora. The local nature has incredible beauty and healing energy. There are sources of medicinal water and medicinal mud. It is best to take a trip to a children's camp, located outside the city limits. In this case, rest will help cleanse the body from the harmful effects of bad city ecology. In Primorye, there are a huge number of sanatoriums and health camps.

Benefits of leisure in camps - excellent conditionsliving, comfort, safety and fun leisure. Children attend treatments, walks, spend time on the beach. Cognitive vacation is successfully combined with a beach. In Primorye operates many day care camps, fitness centers and specialized camps. All these institutions invite girls and boys from all over Russia. Children's camps in the Primorsky region often take boys from Japan, Korea and Laos. Health agencies work summer on uninhabited islands and parks in urban areas. Popular Scout camp located on the island of Crabbe.

What do the children during the holidays

Activities are dependent on the season. During the summer holidays children hiking and cycling. They visit local natural attractions, which in a lot of Primorye. Attractive objects are taiga, mountain Pidan, rock complex "Dragon Park" and others. Primor provides ample opportunities for sports tourism and active recreation. If the camp is located near the sea, the children can go to water rides and make boat trips on boats. The swimming season in the region lasts until September. Winter in Primorye is also very interesting. Children skiing, ice skating and sledding. Holiday camps Primorsky Krai interesting guys of any age.

Photos of children's camps in the Primorsky Territory

  • Children's camps in the Primorsky Territory

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