Children's camps in Smolensk for the summer. Children's camps in Smolensk in 2015

Children's camps in Smolensk

Children's camps in Smolensk

Purchase tickets to a children's camp - itpromising financial investment for parents. The child improves health receives a lot of vivid impressions and comprehensively developed. But do not think that will be useful only to a trip to the southern regions. Many people, going to the resort, eager to get a bronze tan and sea bathing. The reality of climate fluctuations cause stress. Some children suffer serious and long acclimatization. They need to spend the whole summer at the sea, so that they become accustomed to the southern climate. Best holiday for them - it is a local resort or camp. There they rest in familiar environments, to give the maximum benefit.

What camp are in Smolensk

Children's camps in Smolensk - a large variety ofpasses at different prices. In the city there are different types of camps, designed for students from 7 to 16 years. The advantages of such facilities is that they are concerned about adherence and make interesting programs for children. Leisure fun in the camps passes. Children improve health and learn how to communicate with people. Many camps offer Smolensk day stay. In their arsenal, they have a huge amount of entertainment. While relaxing in the camp, the students visited the exhibition, tour, touring circuses, amusement parks and others. All the extras parents pay separately. The camps are held workshops on various topics, presentations and exciting activities.

Good camp located near the city,ecologically clean regions. This place is Pine Forest, which is removed from Smolensk on 10 km. Near the lake lies the key. Camps run during the school summer holidays. Many of them operate on the basis of health or sports complexes. Each change in institutions continues for 21 days. Generally camp is designed for students aged 7 to 16 years. At the same time it takes 250-300 children.

On the territory of the Smolensk region is the "Smolensk Lakes" National Park. This is the area with a clean environment and beautiful scenery. It operates several wonderful children's camps.

Organization of children's leisure in camps

Children's camps in the Smolensk differ developedinfrastructure. For children there are swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, clubs, indoor sports halls, etc. In the winter, many institutions are open to students. The program of rest during the winter break there are activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, winter hiking, evening gatherings around the campfire, recitals, forest adventure, and others.

Photos of children's camps in Smolensk

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