Children's camps in Togliatti for the summer. Children's camps in Togliatti in 2015

Children's camps in Togliatti

Children's camps in Togliatti

Togliatti associated with Zhigulevsk mountains and the River Volga. It is the largest city of the Samara region, located opposite the beautiful Zhiguli Mountains.

The city is under the influencetemperate continental climate. Summers are warm, which makes it possible to organize interesting holidays for schoolchildren. Currently in Togliatti it is not functioning so many summer camps. They are concentrated outside the city, in an ecologically clean regions.

However, each student has the opportunity cityrelax in the camp day stay. Such institutions are beginning to work with the arrival of summer. Children's camps in Togliatti offering budget and private tours. Each camp, on average, calculated on 400 children per shift. Revenue agencies are mainly from the sale of private trips.

Program children's camps

Camps in Togliatti offer different shiftsProfile:. theater, language, education, sports, environmental, etc. The city is famous all over the country camp "Birch", which tend to get children from different regions. Togliatti has all opportunities for quality children's activities. It is a city with a rich history, shrouded in legends and mysteries. The second of its name - City of Holy Cross. The best camps in Togliatti guarantee a good rest during the holidays. The children live in renovated or new buildings with excellent conditions. Good food and fun leisure time - are the main factors necessary for stress relief. The town has interesting attractions, historical sites and museums. Visiting these places is part of the children's entertainment centers.

Recreation Togliatti camp

Tolyatti children's sanatoriums and camps are inarsenal of effective and unique program of recovery. Children's centers are equipped with the necessary equipment. Children can enjoy sports and fitness facilities, playgrounds, swimming pool, etc. The camp Togliatti -. It's a great opportunity to relax without leaving your hometown. This format children's leisure suits many parents. The city is dominated by a pronounced continental climate. Therefore, there is cold winters and hot summers. Nearby you Kuibyshev reservoir, which has a moderating effect on the climate of Togliatti. In addition, areas of the city are separated by forests. However, environmentalists argue that in the city there was an adverse ecological situation. Pollute the atmosphere, not only industry, but also cars. Therefore, for the children's activities are more suitable camp, located outside the city.

Photos of children's camps in Togliatti

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