Children's camps in the Tomsk region in the summer. Children's camps in the Tomsk region in 2015

Children's camps in the Tomsk region

Children's camps in the Tomsk region

Tomsk region - is the place wherepopular children's camps. The area included in the Siberian Federal District and occupies the south-eastern part of the West Siberian Plain. The climate is continental with warm summers and freezing winters. Within the Tomsk Region a good summer vacation is possible from June to early September.

What camp are in Tomsk

His parents offer 650 vouchershealth camps. Among them is the 500 institutions with day stay that popular among the locals. Rural camps Tomsk spend profile change for athletes, gifted children, and others. Every year for fans of outdoor activities organized handkerchief camp. Among the many camps is to provide health and leisure, which operate under special programs.

Tomsk Oblast Administration allocates fundson trips to camps in other regions. Usually Tomsk students at discounted vouchers go to children's centers in the Sea of ​​Azov and the Black Sea. Issues of modernization of Tomsk camps receiving increased attention. To date, over 30% of health facilities suffered major repairs. In the camps, "Blue Rock" and "Spaceman", new modern housing.

Children's camps in Tomsk use informationsupport. Current information about the holiday is on a special website, which is dedicated to the Tomsk camp. Choosing children's ticket, take a look at this resource, which posted details of all recreational facilities.

What to see during the holidays

Tomsk - this is an interesting city that has been the basis ofmany centuries ago. It is located in the center of Siberia, previously considered an important strategic point of Russia. Its history began with the laying of the fortress on the hill of the Resurrection. Today, he is the main student city in the country, as a student here is one in five. The first Siberian University originated here in the 19th century. Under him there was a grove of University Botanical Garden. In its beautiful grounds presented plants from around the world.

Children's excursion visits the first itemappoint the Botanical Garden, which is considered the most famous landmark. In Tomsk, full of interest and other towns. For example, ancient churches. On the main square is a beautiful Epiphany Cathedral, built in the 18th century. The city has many remarkable masterpieces of wooden architecture in the world. Tomsk famous picturesque wooden architecture. Streets are decorated with painted buildings. He even called a miniature St. Petersburg and the Siberian Athens.

Photos of children's camps in the Tomsk region

  • Children's camps in the Tomsk region

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