Children's camps in Udmurtia in the summer. Children's camps in Udmurtia 2015

Children's camps in Udmurtia

Children's camps in Udmurtia

Udmurt Republic climate allows to reston its territory in summer and winter. During the summer holidays there is hot and winter is cold and lots of snow. Many children's camps in Udmurtia are designed for year-round recreation for children.

As you can relax in Udmurtia

Centre is the city of the Udmurt RepublicIzhevsk. Sometimes it is called "Ural Petersburg." Izhevsk attracts tourists with its color. There are many monuments, museums and galleries. Health resorts and health centers are located in the country, dominated good ecological conditions. Children's camps provide rich experiences rest. The authorities of Udmurtia allocate targeted funds for children's development of tourism. In addition to the standard set of tourist programs, there are adventure routes for schoolchildren. Tourism in the Republic of Udmurtia is often independent. Activities of tour operators is still developing. But tickets to the best children's health centers can be purchased at any travel agency.

The territory of Udmurtia attracts wildlife fansnature, fishermen and hunters. After all, more than half of the republic occupied by dense forests. There are various usual game: grouse, ptarmigan, capercaillie, black grouse. These animals can be seen the fox, badger, wolf, ermine and others.

Rest in Udmurtia involves walking onuntouched by civilization places. Popular water sports, caving, horseback riding, skiing and mountaineering. In the camps, leisure visiting woodlands designed for high school students. Children of primary school age offer basically the game in the health institution. Children's camps in Udmurtia offer environmental change, within which is held a lot of exciting activities.

The Republic has a richhistorical and architectural heritage. A huge number of museums dedicated to the preservation of indigenous traditions. Tourists pleased to make a trip to the ancient monuments of architecture of Udmurtia. There are old wooden houses, carved, stone churches and many other interesting objects.

Campgrounds in Udmurtia

During the summer, are popularcampgrounds. They are placed in natural vivo. The organization of such camps a lot of attention is paid to the safety of children. Children live in tents among the purest of nature. The main objectives of the campground - rest and recuperation students, strengthening their health, acquire life skills in nature, playing sports and tourism.

Photos of children's camps in Udmurtia

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