Children's camps in Ulyanovsk for the summer. Children's camps in Ulyanovsk in 2015

Children's camps in Ulyanovsk

Children's camps in Ulyanovsk

On the eve of the summer season, many families fromUlyanovsk purchase tickets to local camp. The choice is very wide - in the city there are school and sports camps, educational school. Most summer camps are located outside the city limits.

What attracts holiday in Ulyanovsk

Feature Ulyanovsk - persistent moderatewind, which are formed due to the proximity of the river Volga. The air in the city is always fresh. He is filled with the fragrance of the fields and forests. It is not uncommon rain and squally wind. But in the spring and summer blooms nature of these places. Moderate continental climate pleases townspeople harsh Russian winters and warm summers.
Children's camps in Ulyanovsk - an opportunityenjoy a relaxing holiday among the environmentally friendly nature. In January this year, began to accept applications for the purchase of vouchers to summer camp with compensation. Documents filed in the Office for the implementation of social programs and projects under the administration of Ulyanovsk. Parents who have applied on time to rest, have already sent their children to the countryside recreation camps with payment. In addition to the statements in the package of documents should be a copy of the passport of a parent, a letter from the child's place of study and a copy of birth certificate. All statements that came to management, experts were registered in the electronic system and in the magazine. On the basis of such declaration or the parents of the enterprise will be able to purchase a ticket to camp at a reduced cost. Partly on vacation costs will be reimbursed from the regional budget. In 2014, the amount of reimbursement of expenditure on holiday child in summer camp amounted to 9875 rubles. Last year, the compensation for the children's parents have given rest 6000 students of the city.

What is offered to children's camps

Health camps Ulyanovskconstitute the rest of the program taking into account the age of the children. In addition to entertainment and activities they offer health cures. If desired, parents can send a child to camp. Summer - the perfect time for a relaxing holiday, away from the bustle of the city. Campgrounds are often created next to the hostel. Week stay in a children's camp is cheap. During leisure, a child can not only relax, but also to deal with.
Children's holiday in the city is not recommendedmany experts. In recent years the alarming environmental situation in particular, the background radiation. It is located near Ulyanovsk Dimitrovgrad Scientific Research Institute of Atomic Reactors. There are carried out the work with radioactive materials. For this reason, parents prefer children's camp that the maximum removed from the danger zone.

Photos of children's camps in Ulyanovsk

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