Viewpoints Vladivostok. List of the best viewing points in Vladivostok

Viewpoints Vladivostok

Viewpoints Vladivostok

Vladivostok indented bays and gulfs: that beauty and boulevards lined with century-old buildings, you can admire from the height (offers - viewing platforms Vladivostok).

Review of the best viewing points

  • Species playground at FESTU: This observation deck is popular not only with tourists but also local residents (in this place make beautiful photo) - from here you can admire the central part of Vladivostok and the Golden Horn. Here it is worth to examine a monument to Cyril and Methodius (due to the fact that they have created the Slavic alphabet, the service became held in Church Slavonic language - previously used Latin and Greek). The top station of the cable car - Eagle hill.
  • Egersheld Lighthouse (base date - 1876): Travelers come here for one purpose - to make photos breathtaking views that open from the lighthouse (the right - the sea, on the left - Russian island). As close to the lighthouse can be, traveling at street Verkhneportovaya, 40, and wanting to here can deliver water transport (mini ferry or barge).
  • Alekseevskaya hill: is the name of a small hill in the center of the city was named after Prince Alexei Romanov - here the whole center is visible at a glance (she is easily visible from the main streets). Address: Street Sukhanov.

Russian bridge

This bridge connects the island Russian (tour heresuggests examination residues Vladivostok Fortress) from the mainland part of the city in spite of the fact that pedestrians will not be able to climb to the observation deck, the entrance to which is carried out on the stairs, hidden within each of the pylons (access to them is only the staff, watching over the bridge, but sometimes here are allowed to climb the photographers), you can drive a car, to see not only the distance, but down at the water surface (you will be above the water at 70 meters altitude). Address: Street Velvet.

Sopka Fridge

On top of it (the height of the hill - 250 m)Fort is located Muraviev-Amur (built 1901-1903's) and the viewing platform (there are 4 gun), which will be able to admire Vladivostok and Amur Bay. It is worth noting that this hill was chosen by fans of paragliding, mountain slopes of the hill is used for championships in cross-country and downhill, while the eastern slope has places for outdoor recreation. Address: Street Przewalski.

Ferris Wheel at the waterfront Sports

Sitting in the open booth (best to do itin the evening, when the city is illuminated with numerous lights), travelers will be able to admire the embankment, as well as to see cinema "Ocean", "Dynamo" stadium and part of the city center. Ticket price - 100 rubles (attraction operates only during the warmer months).


  • Viewpoints Vladivostok
  • Viewpoints Vladivostok
  • Viewpoints Vladivostok

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