Sight Cheboksary area. List of the best viewing points in Cheboksary

Viewpoints Cheboksary

Viewpoints Cheboksary

The plan of your holiday be sure to includeclimb to the viewing platforms Cheboksary - climbing on them rewarded with the opportunity to admire the height of the monument "Mother-Patroness" Vvedensky cathedral, squares Chapayev and other objects.

Sites on Presidential Boulevard

Guests will be interesting Cheboksary two viewingplatform on Presidential Boulevard - one of them is located at the Government House, and the other - for the Treasury. On these grounds offer beautiful views of the Gulf of Cheboksary.

Cafe "Bagrationi"

Restaurant (the official website: pleases visitors with live music (Thursday-Saturday), Russian, European and Georgian dishes, as well as a platform, where in front of them with beautiful views of the Volga (if desired, can be accommodated in the East Room, the Egyptian or the coffee room, open from 08:00 -10: 00 to 01:00).

Address: Street K. Ivanov, 55A (here you will take the bus number 22 or shuttle bus number 62 and 32, the desired stop - "Chuvashspirt").

Lookout "Swans Cheboksary Bay"

Watch not only for the swans, but also formandarin ducks, and pelicans, and admire the bay, travelers will be able to from the observation deck, equipped by the 30 th of the road, not far from the monument "Mother-Patroness".

The observation deck at the Opera and Ballet Theatre

Before or after watching performancestravelers are advised to find next to the theater (pleases varied repertoire) platform for viewing the bay and the waterfront. Address: Moskovsky Prospekt, 1.

Victory Park

Walking along the main avenue of the park, touristswill be at the monument to military glory (it is located on a high hill), and one of the best survey sites they find near the Eternal Flame - hence nice to enjoy the historical part of Cheboksary, Cheboksary Volga and east of the Volga.

Address: Street Zoe Yakovleva, 54B.

Park 500th anniversary

Park offers roller skating;go-carting and paintball; visit the stables, where for those wishing to organize a horse ride through the park; a ride on one of the 15 attractions, in particular on the 24-meter "all-round visibility" - within 3 minutes of the guests will be able to enjoy the surrounding nature, which will gradually be opened before their eyes (price: 82 rubles / adult, 54 rubles / children) . In addition, the 500th anniversary of the park plan to equip the ladder "Lovers", a height of 8 m, and the observation deck.

How to get there? At your service - trolley number 12, 17, 3 and bus number 21, 12, 23 (Address: Prospect Gorky 2, link to the site:

It is worth noting that even one can ride the Ferris wheel in the park "Lakreevsky Forest" (Address: Lesnaya st, 1).


  • Viewpoints Cheboksary
  • Viewpoints Cheboksary
  • Viewpoints Cheboksary

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