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Russian River

Russian River

Total in our country occur approximately 2.5 million rivers. Many Russian rivers are very small (the channel length is less than 100 km), but among them there are real giants.


Yenisei is one of the largest rivers in the world, and its swimming pool is one of the largest not only in Russia but also worldwide.

The name of the Siberian rivers to the Evenki language soundsas "Jonas" and means "big water". Cossacks during the development of Siberia just altered it a beautiful word to a more convenient manner. So there is a new river with the sonorous name of the Yenisei. River Source - Lake Kara-Balyk at the top Sayan.

The depths of the Yenisei allow seagoing vesselsclimb for almost an entire 1,000 kilometers upstream. The maximum depth is 70 meters. In his mouth the river is so wide (up to 75 km), that during the trip to the coast of passage she simply can not see.


  • Kyzyl;
  • Natural Reserve of Sayano-Shushenskaya;
  • "Shushensky collection" National Park;
  • Krasnoyarsk city;
  • Irkutsk city.


Another great Siberian river. As with almost all the rivers of this vast region, Lena finishes its way into the Laptev Sea. The name of the river, many associated with the woman's name, to that has nothing to do. It's just, simplified pronunciation of "Yeh-lii-Ene", because it is the name of the river gave the indigenous people. It is translated as "big river."


  • Yakutsk (here worth seeing St. Nicholas Church, Yakut jail, Voevodskii the office, "Shergikskuyu mine" and Spassky Monastery);
  • Ust-Kut (treat yourself to mud baths and explore the local history museum);
  • Kirensk city;
  • Olekminsk city;
  • Ust-Lena reserves, Olekminsky, the Baikal-Lena;
  • "Lena Pillars" national park;
  • various reserves.


Volga - the largest river, located on thethe territory of the Russian Plain, as well as the longest river in Europe. The source of the Russian beauty is a trickle, which gives life a small swamp. This miniature fontanelle attracts a huge number of people who come to him in the desire to see the birthplace of Mother Volga.

Brooks and small river Volga passes throughseveral lakes. Broader and more affluent, it becomes after the confluence of the rivers it Selizharovka. A truly overflowing its merger makes the Oka near Nizhny Novgorod.


  • a huge number of ancient cities - Astrakhan, Kazan, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod, Tver, Uglich, Yaroslavl, etc .;
  • Volga-Kama reserve;
  • Bulgarian settlement (historical and archival reserve;
  • Samara Bend (National Park);
  • Rock Stepan Razin.


  • Russian River
  • Russian River
  • Russian River

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